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    Map: The Pennsylvania State Data Center (PASDC) Source: USCB, Population Estimates Division | NHGIS (Capital-Star Screen Capture).

    A lot can change in 118 years, as a new map from the Pennsylvania State Data Center shows. 

    The choropleth map shows how the population of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties has changed over the last century, from 1900-2018. 

    Let’s take a closer look: 

    Booming counties

    Large jumps in population growth are mostly relegated to the state’s eastern border counties. 

    These are the counties with the largest growth in population over the last century: 

    Bucks County … 782.4% growth since 1900. 

    Monroe County … 701% growth since 1900. 

    Pike County … 538.1% growth since 1900. 

    Montgomery County … 496.1% growth since 1900.

    Delaware County … 496% growth since 1900. 

    Chester County … 445.5% growth since 1900. 


    On the decline

    Ten Pennsylvania counties have seen a decrease in population growth since 1900. 

    Counties with declining population growth are: 

    Sullivan County … -50% change in population. 

    Potter County … -45.7% change in population. 

    Cameron County … -36.3% change in population. 

    Forest County … -34.1% change in population. 

    Jefferson County … -26.2% change in population. 

    McKean County … 20.2% change in population. 

    Schuylkill County … -17.8% change in population. 

    Tioga County … -17% change in population. 

    Elk County … -8.3% change in population. 

    Clearfield County … -1.5% change since 1900. 


    Population stagnation

    While some counties have seen exponential growth in their populations since 1900, a handful have remained virtually unchanged. 

    The counties with little change include: 

    Northumberland County 0.2% change since 1900. 

    Susquehanna County … 1.4% change since 1900. 

    Warren County … 1.4% change since 1900.

    Bradford County … 2.4% change since 1900. 

    Venago County … 3.3% change since 1900. 

    Lackawanna County … 8.8% change since 1900.

    Cassie Miller
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