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Coronavirus and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board | Editorial Cartoon

Pennsylvania's state liquor stores remained closed for much of the COVID-19 emergency, raising the privatization debate again.

Lawyer for Erie protester wants court to force police to release the name of...

Just a week after a 3-day unpaid suspension was issued for the Erie police officer responsible for kicking  21-year-old Hannah Silbaugh, Attorney Timothy McNair, who is representing Silbaugh filed a writ of summons against the officers involved, Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny, Mayor Joe Schember and the city of Erie, according to

Mail-in ballots were more popular than in-person voting in more than a third of...

In 23 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, mail-in ballots exceeded the number of in-person votes cast during the state's June 2 primary.

Erie Co. set to ‘go green’ Friday — even as COVID-19 cases and deaths...

ERIE, Pa. -- Erie County has finally gotten the go ahead to move into the least restrictive phase of Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan for...

Senate panel unanimously passes ban on police chokeholds

If it becomes law, it will ban police officers in Pennsylvania from using any physical maneuvers that restrict someone’s ability to breathe while they’re being incapacitated. 

The Pa. GOP masterplan, revealed | Editorial Cartoon

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, filed impeachment articles against Gov. Tom Wolf for his management of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is unlikely to gain a vote.

12 more Pa. counties, including Philly, set to enter green phase on June 26,...

While Philadelphia is set to go green, the local officials in the state's largest city will maintain additional restrictions until July 3.

Pa. Dems call for ‘recovery and healing,’ as state emerges from COVID-19 pandemic

Democratic lawmakers from Philly area gathered virtually Thursday to discuss a path forward for Pa. it emerges from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Retirements, resignations and more: These are all the Pa. lawmakers who won’t be back...

Many thanks to Capital-Star Staff Reporter Stephen Caruso who did the data work. You can mouse over the map below for fully updated information.

As COVID cases trend downward, Levine urges Pennsylvanians ‘not to be complacent’

Pennsylvania is one of three states (Montana and Hawaii are the others) to show a downward trajectory of COVID-19 cases over the past 42 days.