State wildlife agencies focus on ‘hook and bullet’ work. Some see a new path

BY: - June 3, 2023

Washington state aims for a broader conservation role.

Fossil fuel drilling threatens air and wildlife in national parks, advocacy group finds

BY: - February 11, 2023

Environmental problems like these are already resulting from fossil fuel extraction near four federally protected lands — and could become even wider problems if the federal government doesn’t bolster protections, the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks said in a recent report.

Resolution for conservation corridors study to be reintroduced in House

BY: - February 1, 2023

It would assist state agencies, such as the Game Commission and Department of Transportation in their efforts to manage wildlife habitat, limit forest fragmentation, and plan connectivity and crossings, “as well as maintain and enhance Pennsylvania as one of the nation’s top destinations for outdoor recreation tourism,” the Jan. 30 memo reads.  


Invest in the future of America’s great wildlife legacy | Opinion

BY: - September 1, 2022

Thirty-three percent of all U.S. species are at risk of becoming endangered.

To protect wildlife, SWPa lawmaker wants to take the air out of mass balloon releases

BY: - June 4, 2022

Violators could be hit with fines up to $100, according to the bill's sponsor, Rep. Matthew Dowling, R-Fayette, who says he's pursuing the legislation to protect the commonwealth's wildlife and livestock.

A bipartisan push could change how states protect wildlife | Analysis

BY: - March 7, 2021

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, also known as RAWA, would direct nearly $1.4 billion annually to state and tribal wildlife agencies to protect overlooked species.