Voter Registration Update: Pa. GOP further narrows Dems’ registration edge

BY: - May 16, 2022

These are concerning numbers for Pennsylvania Democrats. The party must find a way to pick up the pace, especially in the vote-rich Southeast.

Voter Registration Update: Latest data shows a strong summer for the GOP

BY: - October 27, 2021

As of last week, Pa. had 4 million registered Democrats and 3.4 million registered Republicans.

Voter Registration Update: Pa. Dems bounce back from 2020 lull | Analysis

BY: - June 27, 2021

A quiet spring brings encouraging seeds for Pennsylvania’s Democratic Party.

Two maps collide as post-election purge overpowers GOP exodus | Analysis

BY: - February 26, 2021

The latest voter registration update is what happens when two separate trends collide.

GOP sees voter reg surge as fall campaign begins | Analysis

BY: - September 8, 2020

Disaffected Democrats are finally officially joining the GOP. Second, soft Trump voters are now resolved to show up and vote.

Post-primary, Pa. Republicans notch some voter reg. gains | Analysis

BY: - July 31, 2020

It appears the pandemic is deflating Democratic efforts to register new voters while the GOP makes up some ground in some key parts of the state.


The insanity behind voting: Why your mental health matters at the polls | Ana White

BY: - July 24, 2020

It is in our best interest, in a world and time where anxiety, depression, and coping skills are at their limit, that we don’t mentally exhaust people out of voting.

How the Pa. electorate has changed since 2016 and what that means for 2020 | Analysis

BY: - October 25, 2019

Every section of the commonwealth tells a unique story of the past three years. Both parties would be wise to pay attention.


We need to make sure every registered voter can vote. Here’s how to make that happen | Opinion

BY: - May 20, 2019

Next year, 2020, will be a monumental year for political participation, and we hope to bring as many young people into the fold as we can.


Here’s what the latest voter registration numbers tell us about the state of the Commonwealth | Analysis

BY: - May 6, 2019

The 2018 midterms were cause for celebration for Democrats. Nationally, they captured control of the House with the help of a four seat net pick-up in PA while Governor Wolf and Senator Casey also won overwhelming re-election victories. The seeds of these results could be seen in the voter registration gains Democrats made throughout 2017 […]