Federal watchdog says 60 Pa. Superfund sites are threatened by climate change

BY: - November 20, 2019

WASHINGTON — Sixty of the most contaminated sites in Pennsylvania are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, according to a new report from a government watchdog agency. The Government Accountability Office (GAO), an independent agency that works for the U.S. Congress, assessed how impacts of climate change — including flooding, storm surge, wildfires and […]

DePasquale: Climate change costing Pa. millions in infrastructure damage, but there’s a fix

BY: - November 13, 2019

The Democrat's office rolled out a new report that contains nine recommendations for the state to get ahead of the issue that he said poses a long-term threat to public safety.


Here’s a carbon tax plan that U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey can live with | Bruce Ledewitz

BY: - November 6, 2019

To cut off Republican objections to a carbon tax, its authors need to do the obvious thing: Return the money to the people. The urgency is too great.


How better batteries are fueling a surge of electric scooters in India and China | Opinion

BY: - October 29, 2019

In the developing world, electric two-wheelers have the potential to spread quickly – if batteries continue to improve on performance and cost.

Pa.’s Shapiro joins other state AGs in challenge to ‘unlawful’ Trump EPA regulatory changes

BY: - October 28, 2019

The regulations would unlawfully hinder states’ abilities to protect water quality, the Pennsylvania Democrat and 22 of his colleagues charge.


Wolf’s cap-and-trade plan isn’t real climate action. Here’s what is | Opinion

BY: - October 23, 2019

Gov. Tom Wolf is doing something about climate change. But doing something is not the same thing as taking action that will have real impact.


An electric car tax won’t solve Pa’s transportation woes, but it could increase pollution | Opinion

BY: - October 18, 2019

The real problem of insufficient funding for transportation needs a real solution. Taxing electric car drivers isn't the way to go.


Why Pa. needs to say no to regional cap-and-trade | Opinion

BY: - October 13, 2019

The regional compact doesn't pass the basic sniff test.

U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear Atlantic Coast Pipeline case

BY: - October 5, 2019

The order by the court consolidates two cases brought by environmental groups against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and the U.S. Forest Service. No date has been set for oral arguments.


Ag Secretary Perdue to small farmers: Stop whining, your demise is inevitable | Opinion

BY: - October 4, 2019

The Trump White House's contempt for rural Americans, who helped them win the White House in 2016, could not be more on display.


Report: Pa. ranks 18th nationwide for its energy efficiency efforts | Wednesday Morning Coffee

BY: - October 2, 2019

As always, we could be doing better. But, hey, it's a start.


Recycling rates could rise significantly with this simple tweak | Opinion

BY: - September 29, 2019

Consumers are more likely to recycle waste after they see messages showing the products their trash might turn into down the line.