Student loan debt is crushing Americans: 4 essential reads | Analysis

BY: - September 12, 2021

What practical effect will debt relief have, not only on individual borrowers but society and the economy as a whole?


How the COVID economy is crushing Pa.’s student borrowers | Wednesday Morning Coffee

BY: - August 5, 2020

Already struggling to pay the bills, Pennsylvanians are buckling under the weight of student loan debt, a new survey concludes.

U.S. Senate votes to ax DeVos student loan policy

BY: - March 11, 2020

Pennsylvania's two senators, Democrat Bob Casey, and Republican Pat Toomey, split on the vote. The House has approved its own version.

It’s AG Josh Shapiro’s job to defend state agencies in court. Here’s why PHEAA is an exception

BY: - February 7, 2020

Pennsylvania’s top lawyer can’t represent the state agency without compromising his duty to taxpayers. 

With their contract extended, PHEAA officials suggest improvements to controversial federal student loan program

BY: - January 16, 2020

PHEAA, signed the contract extension shortly before Christmas, following a month of negotiations with officials from the U.S. Department of Education, CEO James Steeley told the board Thursday.

Pa’s Fitzpatrick’s votes with Dems to torpedo DeVos student loan rule

BY: and - January 16, 2020

Republicans said the bill, which faces a White House veto, was another Democratic attempt to undermine President Donald Trump during impeachment.


Private higher ed. is a good investment for students, taxpayers alike | Opinion

BY: - November 19, 2019

Taxpayers invest in higher education to prepare for a more prosperous and successful society. It's a worhy investment.


How free college disproportionately benefits wealthier students | Opinion

BY: - October 20, 2019

As the federal government looks to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, Congress should enhance funding to the existing financial aid programs.


This new student loan program will make college more affordable for more Pa. students | Opinion

BY: - August 7, 2019

The rising cost of college means that private student loans are increasingly necessary after students exhaust grants, scholarships, campus-based aid, and low-cost federal student loans.


Student debt is delaying progress for an entire generation | Opinion

BY: - May 21, 2019

Pennsylvania is still funding public higher education like it’s 1999 instead of almost 2020. That drives up costs - and students pay for it.