U.S. Supreme Court rejects House GOP boss’ claim that Pa. legislative districts are racially gerrymandered

BY: - October 31, 2022

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a challenge to Pennsylvania’s 2021 legislative redistricting map that said its makers engaged in racial gerrymandering.  Filed on behalf of House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, R-Centre, the petition for appeal argued the Legislative Redistricting Commission used race as the predominant factor in creating 14 districts where […]

‘We have an opportunity here’: Pa. Redistricting Commission hears testimony on racial gerrymandering

BY: - October 13, 2021

As part of its continued quest for input, the Pennsylvania Legislative Redistricting Commission heard from four expert witnesses and four citizen witnesses who testified about the importance in addressing such topics as voting dilution, cracking of communities, the packing of legislative districts and disenfranchisement. 


A map for whom? Advocate says map makers should engage Pa.’s diverse communities | Wednesday Coffee

BY: - August 4, 2021

If you were watching or in attendance at the Legislative Reapportionment Commission's first public comment hearing Tuesday evening, you may have heard Salewa Ogunmefun testify about the need for the commission to seek “meaningful input” from Pennsylvania’s most diverse communities in regard to the legislative redistricting process. 

‘Fairness means a lot to me’: Pa. residents make their pitch to chair Legislative redistricting panel

BY: - April 26, 2021

Fairness and transparency were the key watch words as the legislative commission charged with the once-a-decade task of redrawing Pennsylvania’s House and Senate districts kicked off two days’ worth of public interviews to find its next chairman. “An honest redistricting in 2021, arguably, is the most important redistricting in the history of our country,” former […]


Pa. deserves a 5th redistricting commissioner who values the power of the people over the people in power | Opinion

BY: - April 26, 2021

Every 10 years, commissions in Pennsylvania and throughout the country dilute the vote of communities of color through various map-drawing strategies.

Now Hiring: Redistricting commission seeks applicants for chair to oversee 2021 mapmaking

BY: - March 29, 2021

The four-member commission, which redraws the boundaries for Pennsylvania’s state House and Senate districts once every 10 years, announced Monday that it’s accepting applications for a fifth member who will serve as its chair.