Pa.’s voucher debate isn’t over. It’s just on hold. We’ll see how it ends | Ray E. Landis

BY: - July 17, 2023

Meanwhile, funding for scores of state programs and school districts remains in limbo.

Bhutanese costumer Basudha Rizal of Harrisburg buys groceries at BNN International Market on Derry Street in Harrisburg (Photo by Mark Pynes/PennLive).

While Congress fiddles on immigration reform, central Pa. embraced Bhutanese migrants | Ray Landis

BY: - June 25, 2023

An immigration know-nothing in the White House would just make a bad situation worse.

happy senior couple

Shapiro’s master plan for older Pennsylvanian has good first steps | Ray E. Landis

BY: - June 11, 2023

Taking words on a page and making them real will take work. But it can happen if we work together.


Here’s the risk to Pa. — and other states — from our national disunion | Ray E. Landis

BY: - May 25, 2023

A national divorce would put the most vulnerable at risk. They must be protected.

Pa. House Speaker Joanna McClinton, D-Philadelphia (Photo by Amanda Mustard for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star).

Sure the budget jockeying is interesting. But don’t forget it impacts real people | Ray E. Landis

BY: - May 8, 2023

The one-vote majority Democrats hold in the lower chamber could also be more a curse than a blessing in budget negotiations.


If you pay them, they will come | Ray E. Landis

BY: - April 23, 2023

Waiving degree requirements was a good idea. But if you want to attract the best, pay a competitive wage.

U.S. President Joe Biden and U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris arrive to a meeting with governors visiting from states around the country in the East Room of the White House on February 10, 2023 in Washington, DC. This weekend President Biden is hosting governors that are attending the annual National Governors Association Winter Meeting. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

What to do about the problem that is Medicare Advantage? | Ray E. Landis

BY: - March 23, 2023

Medicare Advantage plans are offerings by private insurers which replace standard Medicare coverage.


PPL’s problem proves it, electricity shopping isn’t in consumers’ best interest | Ray E. Landis

BY: - February 26, 2023

Pennsylvania’s electric deregulation law has again let down consumers. Here's how.


If the GOP is looking for someone to blame on debt ceiling, look in the mirror | Ray E. Landis

BY: - January 22, 2023

This is all is about a last-gasp Republican effort to thwart the will of the majority of Americans and seize political power


Here’s how the Shapiro administration can best help older Pennsylvanians | Ray E. Landis

BY: - January 8, 2023

A new beginning in the executive and legislative branches provides an opportunity for a dramatic shift in focus.


The real losers in the fight over the Pa. House are the voters | Ray E. Landis

BY: - December 18, 2022

Democrats don't have a majority because the math doesn't work. But it might yet.


How old is too old to run for president? The answer isn’t cut and dried | Ray Landis

BY: - December 4, 2022

That decision should be based on how best to move the United States forward – not on the date on a birth certificate.