Debra Todd sworn in as first woman chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

BY: and - January 20, 2023

As the newly installed Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, I can tell you nice girls do get the corner office,’ she said.


How a U.S. Supreme Court case on redistricting will impact Pennsylvania | Opinion

BY: - November 19, 2022

At stake is our ability to shield ourselves from partisan gerrymandering, a onetime state House candidate writes.

Pa. Supreme Court orders counties not to count undated mail-in ballots

BY: and - November 1, 2022

The ruling handed a partial victory to Republicans who argued that state election law called for dated envelopes.

Pa. Supreme Court will consider whether postal ballots without dates should be counted

BY: - October 21, 2022

In a two-page order, it directed Republican Party officials to file briefs by noon on Monday and gave acting Secretary of State Lehigh Chapman until noon on Tuesday to respond. 

Dire predictions follow Pa. Supreme Court’s loosening of medical malpractice filing rules

BY: - October 20, 2022

(*This article was updated at 10:32 a.m., Thursday, 10/20/2022, to correct a spelling error and add the effective date of the rule change.) Echoes of a debate more than two decades old are ringing out in the Pennsylvania Capitol over the rights of patients to sue for medical malpractice and the effects of such litigation […]

GOP asks Pa. Supreme Court to take immediate action to enforce ballot dating requirement

BY: - October 17, 2022

The lack of uniformity is, 'eroding public trust and confidence in the integrity of Pennsylvania’s elections,' the lawsuit argues.

Pennsylvania Capitol Building. May 24, 2022. Harrisburg, Pa. (Photo by Amanda Berg, for the Capital-Star).

Pa. Supreme Court tells Wolf to bring abortion amendment challenge to Commonwealth Court

BY: - September 12, 2022

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday denied Gov. Tom Wolf’s request to hear his challenge of Republican-backed legislation that includes a proposal to amend the state constitution to say there is no right to abortion services in the commonwealth. The high court’s order left open the possibility for Wolf to bring its case to Pennsylvania  […]

Whole-Home Repairs Act Rally held on the Capitol steps on May 24, 2022 in Harrisburg, Pa. (Photo by Amanda Berg, for the Capital-Star).

Wolf asks high court to invalidate Constitutional amendment on abortion in emergency filing

BY: - July 28, 2022

Gov. Tom Wolf filed an emergency request on Thursday asking the state Supreme Court to invalidate a constitutional amendment that states there is no right to an abortion in Pennsylvania.

Transgender man from Delco seeks right to pursue adoption

BY: - May 31, 2022

The Pa. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case earlier this month.


America’s state supreme courts, including Pa., have a diversity problem | Tuesday Morning Coffee

BY: - May 24, 2022

There are no Black justices in six states where Black people make up at least 10 percent of the population. Pa. is one of them.

Pa. Supreme court case challenges parole ban for felony-murder convictions

BY: - April 18, 2022

Lawyers for the appellants, who were teens when they were convicted and spent decades behind bars, call it a 'first-of-its-kind' case.

Federal suit asks to block Pa. judges from picking congressional map

BY: - February 22, 2022

The case is being argued by two lawyers, one of whom is former Texas solicitor general Jonathan Mitchell. A conservative legal scholar, Mitchell helped design Texas’ recent abortion ban that the U.S. Supreme Court declined to overturn.