Native leader takes Pa.’s Santorum to history class: ‘Our history helped to shape the current U.S. government’

BY: - May 5, 2021

Santorum’s remarks were the subject of a swift backlash, and on Monday night, Santorum, who is a senior political commentator for CNN,  appeared on the network to discuss the comments he made. Santorum said that he “misspoke,” but offered no apology for his dismissive remarks. 

Ice cream shops, machine politics, and the unfinished struggle of Pa.’s first Black legislator

BY: - February 28, 2021

According to the Harrisburg Star-Independent, 300 Black Philadelphians accompanied Bass to march as part of a parade welcoming a new governor — and the newly elected legislators such as Bass — to the capital city on Jan. 17.

The story of all Pennsylvanians: How state experts are trying to make Pa.’s history more inclusive

BY: - February 27, 2021

What began in 2018 as an effort to bring diversity, equity, inclusion and access practices into the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission (PHMC) has evolved into myriad efforts to “reflect the diversity of Pennsylvania’s history.”

On Labor Day: How to plan a mini-road trip to mark Pennsylvania’s worker history

BY: - September 7, 2020

Pennsylvanians will enjoy an extra day of rest from their working lives during another Labor Day celebration this weekend — but workers of the world unite on the first of May, not the first Monday of September. The American holiday was first established in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland in the midst of a Chicago […]

Libro recuenta tragedia racial de 1923 que afectó a afroamericanos y mexicanos en Johnstown

BY: - August 28, 2020

Algunas tragedias, como la muerte de George Floyd, viajan por todo el mundo y obligan a las personas a adoptar nuevas posturas que generan cambios en la sociedad.

It’s Pennsylvania Day. What it is, how to celebrate it

BY: - July 20, 2020

Spoiler alert: Pennsylvania day isn’t really a holiday honoring the Keystone State. The day of recognition was made up by a North Dakota-based company called National Day Calendar, which markets and promotes days, weeks or months for causes, companies and nonprofits, looking to boost recognition, brand awareness or raise funds.

Where we are, where we’ve been: A look at Pennsylvania’s oil-rich history

BY: - March 2, 2020

Even today, few industries — aside from coal and steel — have had the same impact on the state as oil and gas drilling. The state was at one time the country’s leading producer in the oil and gas industry since the 1850s, creating thousands of jobs across the commonwealth and driving its economy for much of the 20th century. 

What 50 years of voting in Pa. looks like | The Numbers Racket

BY: - February 27, 2020

Over the last half-century, the Keystone State’s population has grown; the number of registered voters has increased, and the number of votes cast has climbed. But there’s more to this data than meets the eye.

Harrisburg’s new monument a testament to 15th and 19th amendment and the old 8th Ward

BY: - January 27, 2020

The new monument will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the passage of the 15th amendment and the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which granted the right to vote, respectively to African Americans and women.

This Philly lawmaker wants Pennsylvania to offer reparations to its black residents

BY: - September 3, 2019

One Pennsylvania lawmaker is making his own case for reparations  — not just for slavery, but for 400 years of institutional racism.  Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Philadelphia, released a memo last week asking for his colleagues’ support for a bill providing tax credits or other benefits to African Americans as well as “targeted geographic communities.” Citing […]