Pennsylvania oil lobby keeps abandoned wells unplugged

BY: - May 10, 2022

The oil and gas industry could jeopardize federal funding to clean up the state’s thousands of abandoned and leaking wells.

Toomey’s exit kick-starts 2022 guesswork among Pa. politicos

BY: - October 5, 2020

News that Toomey will retire in 2022 has served as a starting gun for speculation about that year's two marquee races: Senator and Governor.

Mr. Speaker: Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler takes the gavel

BY: - June 22, 2020

Cutler will take over the lower chamber in the middle of turbulent political times. The state is still slowly reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic and faces a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall that still must be filled.


Preparing for the unexpected: 4 questions with interim House Speaker Bryan Cutler | Thursday Morning Coffee

BY: - June 18, 2020

In the COVID-19 era, the interim House Speaker is keeping his options open as the House and Senate move into a busy June.

Three takeaways from the first day of the Pa. Senate’s police reform hearings

BY: - June 17, 2020

The Senate Judiciary and Law and Justice committees held the first of two days of hearings allowing law enforcement officials, community organizers and advocates to sound off on the proposals.


Mike Turzai just went to work for the gas industry. The revolving door keeps spinning | Wednesday Morning Coffee

BY: - June 17, 2020

If people are cynical about politics, this might have something to do with it. The revolving door between government and industry keeps spinning.

Report: Ex-House Speaker Turzai lands a job in the natural gas industry

BY: - June 16, 2020

Just one day after his resignation from the House speakership, ex-Rep. Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, has found a new job representing the natural gas industry.


Mr. Turzai’s golden parachute | Editorial Cartoon

BY: - June 13, 2020

House Speaker Mike Turzai announced his retirement this week. He'll end a 20-year career in the General Assembly on June 15, bound for the private sector.


The other Turzai succession question: Can the GOP hold his seat? | Friday Morning Coffee

BY: - June 12, 2020

Emily Skopov came within 9 points of beating the retiring House speaker in 2018. Can she close the gap in an open seat in 2020?

As Turzai backs police reform before resignation, Black lawmakers judge his legacy

BY: - June 10, 2020

Mike Turzai’s retirement announcement Wednesday came just days after he added his voice to the chorus of millions calling for policing reforms in America.

Mike Turzai to step down as Pa. House Speaker, resign office on June 15

BY: - June 10, 2020

In an abrupt end to a six-year-long reign as one of Pa.’s leading power brokers, Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, announced his resignation Wednesday.


With lawmaker’s COVID-19 case, the Pa. House makes national headlines for all the wrong reasons – again | Friday Morning Coffee

BY: - May 29, 2020

The Legislature briefly did the right thing this week. And then decided that precedent simply couldn't stand. Because, of course.