When it comes to the debate over local radar, silence isn’t golden | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - July 11, 2023

This very important bill needs to be debated in the open -- right now, that's not happening.


An immigrant’s story: From Cuba to Fla. to Pa. | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - May 31, 2023

'You could see the missiles, and you could tell they were offensive,' Robert Lara said. 'It was a very scary period.'

Basketball Training Game Background. Basketball on Wooden Court Floor Close Up with Blurred Players Playing Basketball Game in the Background

What’s wrong with local radio airing Pa. high school hoops? | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - April 13, 2023

We want athletes to compete on a level playing field. Right now, the PIAA has cornered the airwaves.


Is this the year that Pa. finally legalizes recreational marijuana? | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - February 19, 2023

After years of trying, the political clouds may be parting. But there are still obstacles.


Remembering Joe Hardy, Nemacolin founder, donor, SWPA stalwart | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - January 24, 2023

It was always clear that Joe Hardy loved Fayette County and its people.


As goes Cumberland County, so goes Pennsylvania? Maybe | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - November 18, 2022

The commonwealth’s fastest growing county is a microcosm of broader changes in the electorate.

Democratic U.S. Senate nominee John Fetterman (L) and Republican U.S. Senate nominee Mehmet Oz (R) Campaign file photos

New Pa. poll points to trouble for Republicans on abortion | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - September 9, 2022

A telltale shift in voter preference in bellwether northwestern Pennsylvania highlights the risk of GOP overreach.


Trump’s election lies are truth for far too many 2022 GOP hopefuls | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - May 12, 2022

Will Republicans ever come to their senses and admit that were wrong about Trump? Probably not.


Democrats can win on the issues. But they need to sell them | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - April 17, 2022

Gov. Tom Wolf's sagging approval ratings must be troubling to Democrat Josh Shapiro, who's looking to succeed him.


Will Pa. ever get serious about property tax reform? | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - March 23, 2022

Rep. Frank Ryan wants to tax retirement income. It's a good idea, which means it'll never happen.


What the 2021 judicial races tell us about 2022 and beyond | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - December 2, 2021

No party has won three, consecutive terms for governor since they were allowed to run for re-election in 1972


Will Pa. lawmakers finally pass real lobbying reform and a gift ban? | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - November 7, 2021

The calendar is tight -- but lawmakers can get it done with some actual political will.