Study: Pa. ranks 24th nationwide for acceptance of LGBTQ people

BY: - December 5, 2021

'Pennsylvania’s legal landscape puts LGBTQ residents at risk of discrimination and harassment,' the report concludes.

Philly agrees to pay $2M in settlement over LGBTQ foster care lawsuit

BY: - November 24, 2021

Officials also will renew a Catholic foster care agency's contract, and not require it to follow a nondiscrimination policy.

Pa’s Shapiro pledges to pass nondiscrimination law if elected governor in 2022

BY: - November 14, 2021

'I’m willing to put capital behind getting the nondiscrimination bill passed,' the Democratic hopeful said.

Philly photographers push for equality in the wedding industry for queer couples

BY: - October 24, 2021

“I think that, going into 2022, we all need to grow, we all need to expand our opinions on what it means to get married,” Robertson said.

Philly attorney continues to challenge statewide anti-bias rule

BY: - October 17, 2021

The dispute is pending before U.S. District Judge Chad F. Kenney of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

10 years after ‘Don’t ask, Don’t Tell”: A new world for LGBTQ service members in Pa. and beyond

BY: - October 4, 2021

'I have a lot of peace of mind knowing that my wife can also receive benefits or services offered to other military spouses,' a Montgomery County veteran said

Starting this year school year, all Philly public schools to have gender-neutral bathrooms

BY: - July 29, 2021

The district is “committed to creating an inclusive culture where all students feel valued and know they are in a safe and nurturing learning environment," a spokesperson said.

Pa. Youth Congress hits Keystone State corporations for lack of LGBTQ support

BY: - July 10, 2021

Preston Heldibridle, the group's executive director, said that the organization has seen benefits from its work during Pride month.


It’s far past time for Pa. lawmakers to pass comprehensive non-discrimination legislation | Opinion

BY: - June 30, 2021

We all deserve the chance to thrive in an environment where we have the safety and security to flourish in our identity. 

‘A sad loss for Philadelphians’: LGBTQ advocates react to Supreme Court ruling in Philly foster case

BY: - June 19, 2021

"Our tax dollars should be dedicated to securing good homes for these kids, not discriminating against those who want to help," one advocate said.

U.S. Supreme Court rules against Philadelphia in foster parents case

BY: - June 17, 2021

The ruling was "a blow to children and families in the foster care system within the city of Philadelphia," one LGBTQ advocacy group said Thursday.

Looking back at transgender progress one year after the murder of Rem’mie Fells | Analysis

BY: - June 5, 2021

“I’m so grateful that during her short life here on earth, she was able to touch your lives with her genuine and loving self," Fells' mother, Terri Edmonds, said.