Maria Quiñones Sánchez just made a big endorsement in Philly’s mayoral race. Why it matters

BY: - May 3, 2023

According to U.S. Census data, Latinos make up about 16% of Philadelphia residents and about 13% are registered to vote.

A group photo of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Congressional Hispanic Caucus welcomes new House members, reflects on Latino vote

BY: - November 21, 2022

The campaign arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus welcomed the highest number of Democratic Latino lawmakers elected to Congress, during an event at the Democratic National Committee’s  headquarters. CHC BOLD PAC chair, Democratic U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego of Arizona, said continuing to reach out to Latino communities and young voters will be key to taking […]


Here’s how Gov.-elect Josh Shapiro can successfully engage with Pa.’s Latino community | Opinion

BY: - November 16, 2022

The hardest part isn't getting there. It's continuing to deliver -- and doing it with humility and grace.

Inflation is hitting Pa. Latinos hard — and they’ll vote that way | Friday Morning Coffee

BY: - November 4, 2022

It’s safe to say that just about every Pennsylvania family is feeling inflation’s pinch this midterm campaign season. But the commonwealth’s Latino voters, a key bloc that’s growing in both size and political clout, are feeling it more than most. And they’re going to vote that way. That was the bottom line Thursday from a trio of […]


Stop using ‘Latinx’ if you really want to be inclusive | Opinion

BY: - September 12, 2022

As a Mexican-born, U.S.-raised scholar, I agree with the official Argentine and Spanish stance on banning Latinx from the Spanish language – English, too.


New legislative maps can restore representation for Pa.’s growing Latino communities | Opinion

BY: - January 9, 2022

Harrisburg has for decades gerrymandered the maps to diminish the influence and voice of Latinos and people of color across the state.


Poll: Pa., 2020 battleground voters say Trump’s immigration policies firing a ‘No’ vote | Wednesday Morning Coffee

BY: - September 16, 2020

More than four in 10 voters say President Donald Trump's stand on immigration is giving them a reason to vote against him.