What we see happening in Ukraine and the threats to other democracies, should motivate and inspire us to fight for and protect our democracy (photo by tumsasedgars/iStock Images).

The biggest threat to American democracy comes from within | Janice Ellis

BY: - April 5, 2022

Democracy isn't something we can take for granted. As the war in Ukraine shows, we have to fight for it.


If you think you’re living in a divided America, it’s nothing new | Janice Ellis

BY: - February 23, 2022

Why does it seem the nation is in a more vulnerable state than ever?


We must never forget that elected officials work for the people | Opinion

BY: - September 8, 2021

Workers should never forget that they are employers themselves. Elected officials work for the people. Our tax dollars pay their salaries and benefits.


COVID-19 brings front and center the tug between individual rights and the public good | Opinion

BY: - August 12, 2021

Getting COVID under control in this country is in all of our best interest — in every aspect of our lives.