For Biden, Trump, must-win NEPA is a high-stakes numbers game. This is the math behind it | Analysis

BY: - September 6, 2020

The numbers are striking. It’s impossible to inspect them and deny that President Donald Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 because of his performance in the seven northeastern counties 

The Top 10 Pa. cities — that aren’t Philly and Pittsburgh — where the 2020 Dems have to campaign | Analysis

BY: - December 15, 2019

There's a lot more to Pa. than just "Alabama in between." These are the cities that Democrats need ti visit if they want to win the White House next year.


‘But her emails’: A final farewell to a fake Clinton scandal | Dick Polman

BY: - October 28, 2019

The fake scandal ginned up by candidate Trump and amplified by a complicit mainstream media turns out to be a nutrition-free nothingburger.