‘Shameful!’ 3-day suspension for Erie cop caught on video kicking protester lights up social media 

BY: - June 16, 2020

News of a 3-day suspension for an Erie police officer caught on video kicking an incapacitated protester has provoked angry reaction on social media, with some accusing police of a “double-standard.”

Erie police officers quarantining for COVID-19 called to Saturday protests

BY: - June 3, 2020

Referring to the five Erie officers who had previously been quarantining for COVID-19, Spizarny said, “They returned and masked- up,” in order to quell the protest.

Erie police open internal investigation after video of officer kicking a young woman goes viral

BY: - June 2, 2020

*Updated to include comment from Erie Police Chief E Daniel P. Spizarny Sr. ERIE, Pa. — A video taken in downtown Erie during a riot on Saturday night has gone viral, helping to fuel the growing nationwide debate of the excessive force used by law enforcement during protests over the death of George Floyd. The […]

Peaceful Erie protest for George Floyd turns violent

BY: - May 31, 2020

The violence began after fireworks were fired at City Hall and a window at the police station was broken. Police called the unrest "a riot."