Pa. House bill would hit electric, plug-in hybrid drivers with mileage fees | Thursday Coffee

BY: - January 5, 2023

A usage fee for electric and plug-in hybrid drivers is 'fair, reliable, and better equips our transportation agencies to plan for road maintenance,' Rep. Rich Irvin, R-Huntingdon, said.

Expect more EV charging stations as states tap into federal funds | Analysis

BY: - October 13, 2022

Federal officials have approved every state’s plan to expand electric vehicle charging networks.

With millions in federal funding, PennDOT charges ahead on EV infrastructure development in Pa.

BY: - July 28, 2022

The commonwealth is slated to receive $171.5 million in National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure funds over the next five years with an additional $2.5 billion in grant funding available for charging and fueling Infrastructure.


Pa. House panel takes up electric vehicle charging infrastructure | Tuesday Morning Coffee

BY: - June 7, 2022

'We need to make sure electric vehicle charging stations are as available as gas stations,' Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery said.


Charged Up: Pa. to receive $171.5M to support EV charging stations | Tuesday Morning Coffee

BY: - February 22, 2022

It's the  fifth-highest tally nationwide under the bipartisan infrastructure law, officials said.

The future is electric: Can Pa. switch gears? | Analysis

BY: - February 2, 2022

There are plenty of roadblocks the state must bypass to get to sustainability.


How Pa. can get charged up for an electric vehicle future

BY: - November 28, 2021

Congress and the commonwealth each have a role to play. We can't afford to wait any longer.


Pa. can build a clean electric vehicle future. Wolf, lawmakers must embrace it | Marc Stier

BY: - November 19, 2021

Dozens of business leaders, including leading vehicle manufacturers, have urged Wolf to redouble his efforts to electrify transportation in Pennsylvania.

As Pa. lawmakers evaluate the future of electric vehicles, this company is thinking strategically

BY: - October 5, 2021

“This is the future, and I think we need to get ahead of this from a commonwealth perspective and realizing the potential this has to bring jobs and economic growth to our region,” Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Wayne Langerholc, R-Clearfield, said.


How electric cars can advance environmental justice: By putting low-income and racially diverse drivers behind the wheel | Opinion

BY: - May 24, 2021

By Andrea Marpillero-Colomina The global auto industry has begun a historic shift from gas- and diesel-fueled cars to electric vehicles. President Biden’s infrastructure plan seeks to speed up this transition by requesting billions of dollars to modernize the electric grid and build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations. Evidence shows that many Americans are eager to […]

New Study: Electric vehicle expansion could help Pa.’s meet its climate goals

BY: - May 11, 2021

By Kimberly Rooney Transportation made up 24 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Pennsylvania in 2017. Most of those were produced by light-duty vehicles such as cars, vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Continuing the same usage trends may make it difficult for Pennsylvania to reach its greenhouse gas reduction goals by 2050, but a new […]

Pa., state electric vehicle scorecards show there’s room for improvement | The Numbers Racket

BY: - March 1, 2021

The report identifies commendable efforts from states such as Virginia, which has established incentives for electric vehicles such as trucks and buses; and Minnesota, which has issued guidelines for utilities’ investment in charging stations and announced its intent to adopt California’s zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) program.