Washington reinstates a key pollution-fighting tool. What’s next for Pa.? | Friday Morning Coffee

BY: - March 11, 2022

The move by the EPA gives states such as Pennsylvania the latitude to adopt rules stronger than federal law.


How electric cars can advance environmental justice: By putting low-income and racially diverse drivers behind the wheel | Opinion

BY: - May 24, 2021

By Andrea Marpillero-Colomina The global auto industry has begun a historic shift from gas- and diesel-fueled cars to electric vehicles. President Biden’s infrastructure plan seeks to speed up this transition by requesting billions of dollars to modernize the electric grid and build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations. Evidence shows that many Americans are eager to […]

New Study: Electric vehicle expansion could help Pa.’s meet its climate goals

BY: - May 11, 2021

By Kimberly Rooney Transportation made up 24 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Pennsylvania in 2017. Most of those were produced by light-duty vehicles such as cars, vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Continuing the same usage trends may make it difficult for Pennsylvania to reach its greenhouse gas reduction goals by 2050, but a new […]


‘Not just climate change’: An activist explains how Biden’s infrastructure plan improves the environment | Monday Morning Coffee

BY: - April 5, 2021

'This is probably the single biggest action ever taken by our country to address environmental issues," says Josh McNeil of Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania.


Get an electric car for Christmas? Here’s how many places Pa. has to charge it | Friday Morning Coffee

BY: - January 3, 2020

Depending upon where you live, access to public charging stations can be adequate — or nearly nonexistent, according to a new report.


An electric car tax won’t solve Pa’s transportation woes, but it could increase pollution | Opinion

BY: - October 18, 2019

The real problem of insufficient funding for transportation needs a real solution. Taxing electric car drivers isn't the way to go.