The white supremacists who stormed U.S. Capitol are only the most visible product of racism | Opinion

BY: - January 19, 2021

Extremists like the Proud Boys are putting American white supremacy in the headlines today, just as the Ku Klux Klan did 50 years ago. But they are merely its most visible product.

The FBI declared Pgh. a new hub for white supremacy. That ignores decades of history

BY: - November 16, 2020

Declarations that Pittsburgh is a new hub for white supremacy ignore decades of history and scores of documented cases of white supremacists gathering and organizing over the years.

Extremist group that called for Michigan guv Whitmer’s arrest puts Wolf on ‘watch list’ over pandemic management

BY: - October 22, 2020

The Michigan-based American Patriot Council alleges that Wolf violated the U.S. Constitution with his COVID-19 shutdown measures.


When politicians use hate speech, political violence increases | Opinion

BY: - September 30, 2020

Research shows that when politicians use hate speech, it's not just empty rhetoric or political theater: Domestic terrorism increases, in the U.S. and in other countries.