New report finds lead in majority of Allegheny Co. water systems, offers strategies to reduce exposure

BY: - May 2, 2021

By Kimberly Rooney PITTSBURGH — With many outdated water systems located throughout the country, many with varying levels of transparency, it’s often difficult to know exactly what’s in the water that flows out of our faucets. On April 20, locally based environmental group Women for a Healthy Environment released its “Something’s in the Water” report to help shed […]


These are the greenest states in the U.S. How’d Pa. do? | Friday Morning Coffee

BY: - April 16, 2021

A big part of President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan calls for a cleaner environment and a pivot away from fossil fuels. Some states already are moving on their own.


Nearly 60M Americans don’t drink their tap water, research suggests. Here’s why that’s a public health problem | Opinion

BY: - April 16, 2021

New research finds that tap water avoidance is on the rise in the US, especially among minorities. An expert on water and health calls for better public education about water quality and testing.


PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ are widespread and threaten human health. Here’s a strategy for protecting the public | Analysis

BY: - October 12, 2020

PFAS chemicals are toxic, widespread and persistent in the environment, and the federal government has been slow to regulate them. A scientist explains why evaluating them one by one isn't working.

Lawmakers seeking to crack down on toxic chemicals suffer another setback

BY: - July 21, 2020

The Senate isn’t expected to include a provision creating a national drinking standard in its version of the bill.

Pa.’s Fitzpatrick, Houlahan make another push to crack down on toxic PFAS chemicals

BY: - July 1, 2020

Federal lawmakers from Pennsylvania and other states are making another push to crack down on a widespread class of “forever chemicals” linked to cancer.

‘Bubblegum and band-aids’: Pa. environmental programs in question

BY: - June 30, 2020

Now with COVID-19, DEP field inspectors have been limited in what they can do — though a department spokesman said air quality testing and inspections on Public Water Systems have continued.


Joining RGGI will help Pa.’s economy grow smarter — and healthier | Opinion

BY: - May 21, 2020

By joining RGGI, the Commonwealth would be taking steps to ensure that all Pennsylvanians reap the benefits of a clean economy.

Virginia, Md. D.C. to sue EPA for failing to make sure Pa. meets Chesapeake Bay clean-up targets

BY: - May 18, 2020

The lawsuits will center on deficiencies in Pennsylvania and New York’s Phase III Watershed Implementation Plans, which were submitted to the EPA for review in August 2019. 


Defined by its three rivers, Pittsburgh must continue to fight for clean water | Opinion

BY: - January 26, 2020

Half of America’s rivers and streams are still degraded and considered impaired. We must not let the Clean Water Act be gutted by wrong-headed rule making.

Pa.’s Shapiro joins other state AGs in challenge to ‘unlawful’ Trump EPA regulatory changes

BY: - October 28, 2019

The regulations would unlawfully hinder states’ abilities to protect water quality, the Pennsylvania Democrat and 22 of his colleagues charge.


Toledo voters just gave legal rights to Lake Erie: That’s an important step toward keeping it clean | Opinion

BY: - September 16, 2019

Other countries have given lakes, rivers and other resources legal rights. This Ohio city is a test case on whether this approach can work in the U.S.