April Adcox was uninsured when she was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2020. She delayed treatment for 18 months because she was panicked about the complex surgery and the prospect of a hefty bill. In the meantime, she wore hats and bangs to camouflage the affected area as it expanded on her forehead. (ANDREW J. WHITAKER FOR KHN)

For uninsured people with cancer, securing care can be like spinning a roulette wheel

BY: - April 13, 2023

In the face of potentially daunting bills, uninsured adults sometimes delay care, which can result in worse survival outcomes.

Jessica Seger Hilker, a lifelong Washington resident, and her brother, David Seger, founded Elana's Blessings in 2015, as tribute to their mother after losing her to breast cancer in 2015. The nonprofit provides area women battling cancer of any form with beauty sessions to feel as normal as possible during their cancer journey (Herald-Standard photo).

Elana’s Blessings: Offering beauty sessions to women battling cancer | Helping the Helpers

BY: - November 28, 2022

By Katherine Mansfield WASHINGTON, Pa. — Born of the grieving process was Elana’s Blessings, a Washington-based nonprofit co-founded in 2015 by Jessica Seger Hilker and her brother David Seger, to honor their late mother, Elana, who died in 2014 following a 16-year battle with breast cancer. During that battle, Elana Seger continued dressing up, doing […]