Pa. Sen. Toomey: I’ll ‘vigorously defend our form of government’ when Congress meets to count electoral votes

BY: - January 2, 2021

"The evidence is overwhelming that Joe Biden won this election," the Lehigh Valley Republican said in a statement.


In elections, education, like demographics, is now political destiny | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - December 31, 2020

It seems inevitable, for now anyway, that education levels will take their place among gender, race, and income levels in determining how elections are won and lost.

Citing issues in Pa., elsewhere, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley says he’ll contest certification of Joe Biden’s victory

BY: - December 30, 2020

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley argued in a statement that Pennsylvania failed to adhere to its election laws by extending the deadline for mail-in ballots.

A presidential election like none other, and now an inauguration like none other

BY: - December 30, 2020

The last time a president did not participate in their successor’s inauguration was in 1869, when President Andrew Johnson left office and Ulysses S. Grant was sworn in.


What can Democrats learn from Trump’s 2020 performance? | Bruce Ledewitz

BY: - December 29, 2020

The fundamental lessons to learn from Trump’s election performance are that voters want order and prosperity. Both are necessary starting points for any kind of social progress

Year in Review: From a pandemic, to police shootings, to protests, Philadelphia needs to adjust

BY: - December 28, 2020

African-Americans were at the center of issues that dominated local and national headlines during the past 12 months. Here is a look at the top local stories of the year.


A Proportional Response: The need for balanced Electoral College reform | Opinion

BY: - December 18, 2020

It is fair to say that no matter where you stand politically, the Electoral College has become one of the most controversial institutions in American government.


The big lesson of 2020: We have to fight to preserve and expand the right to the vote | Opinion

BY: - December 16, 2020

Greater participation – more Americans exercising this fundamental right – brings us closer to the more perfect union.


What will a post-Trump U.S. Supreme Court look like? It might not be all that bad for liberals | Bruce Ledewitz

BY: - December 16, 2020

it is far better to leave the court alone to do its job. Even when we don’t entirely agree with the job that it does. 


Pa. Republicans are abetting Trump’s coup. Voters deserve better than this | John L. Micek

BY: - December 8, 2020

The damage they've done to the democracy they claim to treasure will take years to undo. If we can ever undo it at all.  And that will be on them.

Meet the Pa. Commonwealth Court judges who’ve recently sided with Republicans on election rulings, only to be overturned by higher courts

BY: - December 6, 2020

Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court has been a big player in the ongoing attempts by the Trump campaign and other Republicans to overturn the state’s election results or invalidate ballots.


What 5 counties tell us about the changing face of Pa.’s elections | Mark O’Keefe

BY: - December 5, 2020

The five counties had been the solid rock built by the Democratic party to control Pennsylvania politically. However, that rock began to crumble in the early 2000s.