Black Lives Matter protesters march outside the Pennsylvania State Capitol on Sunday, 6/7/20 (Capital-Star photo by John L. Micek)

Black Lives Matter protests are shaping how people understand racial inequality | Opinion

BY: - April 3, 2022

Black Lives Matter was able to shift attention away from its protests and toward its agenda of building an anti-racist society.


Backyard white supremacy: Central Pa. high school students take to social media to fight racism in the classroom | Thursday Morning Coffee

BY: - January 28, 2021

Students at Biglerville High School, near Gettysburg, want administrators to take action.


Another town, another Native American nickname. Why the Susquehanna Twp. schools need to change their team name | Opinion

BY: - July 12, 2020

The mascot is wholly offensive to Native people and nations. The Board of Education should vote to drop the nickname and choose another.


We need to keep working toward the day ‘no justice, no peace,’ becomes ‘know justice, know peace’ | Opinion

BY: - July 3, 2020

Proverbs tells us to “let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.” White America needs to listen -- hard.