Philly NAACP Prez: Outcome of Comcast case could roll back civil rights protections

BY: - November 12, 2019

A $20 billion lawsuit a Black media mogul and comedian has filed against Comcast is headed to the Supreme Court this week.

Meek Mill and Michael Rubin highlight another example of criminal injustice

BY: - November 12, 2019

“Situations like this keep me grounded and focused on my mission for reform that I dedicated myself to two years ago," Mill said.

When a state attorney general picks a national fight: What’s the end game? | Analysis

BY: - November 12, 2019

Attorneys general are stepping up, particularly on consumer issues where the federal government has largely stepped away.

DACA case heads to U.S. Supreme Court this week

BY: - November 11, 2019

A ruling to uphold the program could anger Trump’s conservative base, while a ruling against it would likely energize liberals.

Study: Philly shoppers bear brunt of soda tax, buy fewer sweetened drinks

BY: - November 11, 2019

Reseachers found that Philadelphia retailers passed on 105 percent of the 1.5-cent-per-ounce tax to consumers, that's driven down sales and consumption.

Taking charge of your HIV is critical. Here’s what to know and do about it

BY: - November 10, 2019

All the more reason to take charge of your HIV and be here when the cure is announced.

SlamCamp teaches storytelling as key to a better Philadelphia

BY: - November 9, 2019

"Everyone has a story to tell," an organizer said, "Hearing each others stories bring us together as a community."

Wolf signs bill to let synagogues, mosques and churches apply for $5M in safety grants

BY: - November 8, 2019

In response to last year’s Tree of Life shooting, Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday signed into law a $5 million program that provides grants to beef up security at nonprofits, such as houses of worship or a faith-based community center.  The program was originally proposed by Sen. Andrew Dinniman, D-Chester, as part of a larger […]

Republicans have a problem with suburban voters, Democrats have a problem with rural voters. Where does that leave Pa.’s balance of power?

BY: - November 8, 2019

As Democrats romped through the southeast on election night Tuesday — winning control of every county’s government from Allentown to Coatesville — a long foreseen but sudden reckoning came in coal fields and mill towns around Pittsburgh. Democratic county commissioner majorities holding on in three southwestern counties, once home to blue dog Democrats, were flipped […]

The last moderate standing?: Suburban Republicans look to life after Gene DiGirolamo

BY: - November 7, 2019

The ripples from Tuesday night’s Democratic sweep in the Philadelphia suburbs aren’t going to wait until next November to exert their influence on Harrisburg. One of the chamber’s last, and most stubbornly moderate Republican lawmakers, Rep. Gene DiGirolamo, ran for, and won, a seat on Bucks County’s Board of Commissioners on Tuesday night.  He’ll be […]

Philly Mayor Jim Kenney, City Council agree to anti-gun violence cash

BY: - November 7, 2019

By John N. Mitchell PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Jim Kenney announced plans on Wednesday for the transfer of more than $5 million to assist in a pair of plans aimed at staving off gun violence and reacting swiftly to it in areas of the city affected by gun violence. “All of us in city government — […]

Meet the U.S House freshmen from Pa. who are at the center of the Trump impeachment

BY: - November 7, 2019

Pennsylvania has bipartisan representation on the committees key to the ongoing impeachment inquiry. Unsurprisingly, they have very different views of it