‘I can’t breathe’: A moment on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre

    Tonight, on Public Square in downtown Wilkes-Barre, a man who identified himself only as Ty stood with a sign.

    It read “I can’t breathe #George Floyd”

    Ty, 28, wouldn’t give his last name. He did however, talk about how hard it is to see the continuation of violence against Black men in America.

    A protester in northeastern Pennsylvania (Capital-Star photo by Patrick Abdalla).

    “The system isn’t broken,” he said. He stood, alone, with his sign as a few cars honked and a Wilkes-Barre Police cruiser circled the square. 

    “I’m a man,” he said. He talked proudly of his two kids and how he has made something of himself. He said he just wanted people to see him. To hear what he had to say. 

    Public Square has seen several peaceful protests – some planned, others impromptu – in the last few days. Another is expected to take place Wednesday.