67 of 68 election complaints peacefully resolved in Philly, report

    By Michael D’Onofrio

    PHILADELPHIA — As of 9 p.m. Tuesday, 68 election-related complaints were reported to the District Attorney’s Election Task Force and 67 incidents were peacefully resolved.

    The vast majority of complaints pertain to alleged interference or electioneering at polling sites.

    Most issues involving misunderstandings or miscommunication about voting rules and laws were resolved by Election Task Force prosecutors by phone, and DAO prosecutors and detectives also responded to investigate incidents at polling sites in all six Philadelphia Police divisions. Several incidents will require follow-up by investigators.

    The Task Force will continue to be active until election results in Philadelphia County are certified.

    Election-related issues can be reported to the task force by calling (215) 686-9641

    Michael D’Onofrio is a reporter for the Philadelphia Tribune, where this story first appeared