Philly health officials and leaders answer monkeypox questions at town hall

Here is a roundup of questions and answers from the Mazzoni Center town hall that help explain the current state of the monkeypox crisis and what people need to know going forward. The questions came from attendees of the town hall and answers were given by panelists including Jessica Caum, program manager, Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness program for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health; Dr. Shara Epstein, infectious disease specialist, medical director of the Division of Disease Control for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health; Dusty Latimer, Physician Assistant at Mazzoni Center: and Jazmyn Henderson, organizer with ACT UP Philadelphia and Black and Latinx Community Control of Health. Rep. Kenyatta and Sebrina Tate of Bebashi Transition to Hope also spoke during the town hall.