Pa. U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle calls Trump White House aide Stephen Miller a ‘scumbag’

U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-2nd District (Twitter)

WASHINGTON — Pennsylvania U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle called White House aide Stephen Miller a “scumbag” after an inflammatory video from Miller’s high school days resurfaced on social media.

In the video, Miller was campaigning for a student government position at at Santa Monica High School, The Washington Post reported.

In the clip that made the rounds on Twitter this week, Miller said, “Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?”

Boyle, a Democrat who represents Pennsylvania’s 2nd District, wrote on Twitter: “I’m proud to be the son of a janitor. For decades my father worked hard to keep our subways in Philadelphia clean. He took pride in his work. I only wish I had half his work ethic. So for this scumbag Stephen Miller to say this just disgusts me. I oppose all he stands for.”

Miller, President Trump’s senior policy adviser, is under renewed scrutiny this week for his role in reportedly encouraging the abrupt ouster of the administration’s homeland security team.

Scott Dworkin, the co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, posted the Miller video on Twitter Tuesday, writing, “Would be a shame if it went viral … again.” The post was retweeted more than 23,000 times.

Boyle wasn’t the only member of Congress to express outrage over the video.

Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego wrote on Twitter, “I was a janitor in high school and college. There was dignity in my work. It helped my family and put me through college. I will take any of the janitors I have met along the way over this guy.”

A friend of Miller’s, Chris Moritz, told the Post in 2017 that the janitor line had been a joke. “I think everyone at the time, especially those who knew Stephen, understood that this was a senior prank,” Moritz said.


  1. I used to work on a maintenance crew that came in to a department store every day from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. to clean up, vacuum, strip and seal the floors, etc. It was one of the most gratifying jobs I have ever had as it brought me true joy at seeing a clean store greeting customers day after day.

    I also abhor the White House staffer’s high school video that reflected an imperious class bias against janitors. I hope that the same “scumbag” outrage expressed by the congressman will also extend to any Democratic and liberal elitists who did disrespectful and demeaning things in their high school days to those they perceived as lower class. If the congressman does not show equal condemnation, his comment will simply be dismissed as anti-Trump ranting and people will end up ignoring his underlying message of respecting all. Respect for others is something everyone needs to show in our society, no matter what their politics are.

  2. People — in general — should no be condemned for things they did in high school.

    It’s not possible to have an “underlying message of respect for all” while calling someone a scumbag.

    Both Trump and Miller are eligible for criticism based on their current practices and policies.


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