This is why the queer community should look to 2020 with hope and resilience | Frank Pizzoli

December 16, 2019 6:30 am

By Frank Pizzoli

As we all look to 2020, let’s remember that the queer community is a resilient group of people.

It’s true that good doesn’t win every battle. No matter how strong we are. But eventually goodness and truth win the war. Our challengers are legion but not guaranteed success. If we can remember not to fritter away precious energy with arguments over who has it worst, then we can link arms and proceed forward.

When we Politcally Correct one another into a coma, the powers that be laugh so hard at us. That’s exactly what they want. That’s how power is kept. That’s how we deny ourselves increased power.

PC-only is a one-size-fits-all easy solution that doesn’t require one to think through history and nuance and arrive at the here-and-now.

For example, rather than deny access or programming or resources to, let’s say, someone or an organization or business who in its history has done something you think was wrong, ask yourself: Where are they today? Cognizant of past misdeeds?

Are they willing to engage in a way that past misdeeds would have ruled out? For example, if We-Don’t-Like-The-Gay-Biz says to you We-Get-It. From now on we’ll not automatically rule out hiring a queer.

We will look for skills and/or the willingness to learn skills if past oppressions have left you out. If that happens, then celebrate with them. In others words, when you find injustice engage it.

Don’t close the door. How else can you grab a chance to sit down and simply talk? You may not change minds but not engaging won’t either.

What if We-Don’t-Like-The-Gay-Biz or entity or individual is resistant to acknowledging past misdeeds? If a religious zealot thinks you’re damaged goods for being queer or that People of Color, or POC queers are not to be respected, then move on. Protest, or not.

LGBTQ advocates, allies rally at the Capitol for nondiscrimination law

Same with Did-It-Then-But-Not-Now Corp. If the entity or organization or individual is cognizant of past misdeeds, acknowledge their evolution. Invite them in, not out. Engage them in continuing the struggle for social justice.

And the most important question is What have I as an individual done in my past that was mean, excluded someone for being different than me? If you haven’t done something like that, hurry, call up The Vatican. They’re looking for new saints.

If your standard is lifelong purity, no one will satisfy you. Not even you would satisfy you.

Because we all know each and every one of us can look back and find where we have gone wrong. And we’d like a chance to let others know that. To be forgiven. And move on. To actually get something accomplished other than being told You did bad once!

If your standard is lifelong purity, there won’t be anyone to link arms with as we work at the intersections of life to address social justice issues.

That’s my 2020 outlook. What’s yours?

Frank Pizzoli is the editor and publisher of the Central Voice, the LGBTQ newspaper for central Pennsylvania, and a publishing partner of the Capital-Star. 

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