What do you do when the doctors oppose Medicare for All? | Tuesday Morning Coffee

BY: - March 5, 2019

The debate is unfolding about as you'd expect it would.

From healthcare to guns, America has actual national emergencies. A border wall isn’t one of them | Sean P. Quinlan

BY: - March 5, 2019

Trump is a national emergency in his own right. But at least the deck chairs appear to be in order.

This proposal to simplify federal student loans deserves a look. Here’s why | Opinion

BY: - March 5, 2019

Addressing the loan repayment process, especially for subsidized federal student loans, is another step toward giving every student the opportunity to choose their best path forward.

The more the budget rhetoric changes, the more it stays the same | Opinion

BY: - March 5, 2019

In 1969, former Gov. Raymond P. Shafer called for 'truth in spending' in his budget address to the General Assembly.

These are the most — and least — prosperous places to live in Pennsylvania | The Numbers Racket

BY: - March 4, 2019

It’s been about ten years since the Great Recession officially ended in 2009. And by most measures, America’s economy is humming along at a pretty good clip. But, as recent research by the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution demonstrates, not every part of the United States has shared equally in that return to prosperity. In fact, […]

Abortions rise worldwide when the U.S. cuts family planning funding | Analysis

BY: - March 4, 2019

Abortion rates tripled in Latin America and doubled in Africa under the Bush-era 'global gag rule.' The law, which Obama repealed and Trump reinstated, cuts funding for abortion providers abroad.

Say it with us: Weather isn’t climate | Monday Morning Coffee

BY: - March 4, 2019

Good Snowy Monday Morning, Fellow Seekers. This weekend’s spate of snowy weather has us thinking about climate change – mainly, why are we even debating this any more? Just about every civilized nation on earth has recognized it. Yet us stubborn Yanks sit here, staring at the sun, arguing what’s clear as day before our eyes. […]

Glen Mills case proves Pennsylvania needs to do more to protect vulnerable kids | Opinion

BY: - March 4, 2019

Too many young people in Pennsylvania residential foster care are subjected to a pattern of abuse and maltreatment.

Is Congress about to make child care more affordable? 5 questions answered | Analysis

BY: - March 3, 2019

Working class families have struggled for years to afford quality child care. Could the newly proposed Child Care for Working Families Act make a difference? A child care policy scholar weighs in.

Here’s what 2014 and 2018 can teach us about what’s ahead for Pa. (and Tom Wolf) in 2020 | Analysis

BY: - March 2, 2019

Tom Wolf's wins in 2014 and 2018 point the way forward for Democrats in 2020.

Top Pa. Senate Dem launches anti-poverty bills. Is this the AOC effect in Harrisburg? | Friday Morning Coffee

BY: - March 1, 2019

A Philadelphia Democrat wants his colleagues to be required to consider the impact of their policies on the poorest Pennsylvanians,

Pat Toomey & Brian Fitzpatrick: A tale of two Republicans | John L. Micek

BY: - March 1, 2019

The experience of two Republican lawmakers from Pennsylvania — a state that President Donald Trump won in 2016, and one that remains critical to his reelection chances — tells us a lot about the state of the GOP in 2019. First up, there’s U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, the Keystone State’s junior United States senator. If […]