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House lawmakers aim to aid older foster children with free tuition, car insurance

Lawmakers in the state House said Tuesday they hope a package of bills now working its way through the chamber will help teenage foster children transition from young adulthood into maturity."We have our own...

Trump’s China tariff confusion: It won’t solve chronic trade deficits | Opinion

Bullying China into another meaningless trade deal that addresses the pet concerns of American corporations just isn’t going to get the job done.

What to do about Pittsburgh’s population loss? A few prescriptions | Opinion

It starts with ending public school teacher and mass transit strikes; prevailing wage reform; ending economic development subsidies, and allowing voter approval for all local tax increases.

A modest proposal to fund transportation — without raising taxes | Opinion

the source of three-quarters of the State Police operating budget ought not be a burden on the motoring public. Here's a way to fix that.

Brain drain is an old problem for Pennsylvania | The Numbers Racket

Brain drain refers to educated people in their 20s and 30s leaving their home state to find greener pastures elsewhere.

Three ways that $2 trillion in infrastructure can fight inequality | Opinion

There are lots of ways to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure. Doing it in ways that help poorer and middle-income communities would put tax dollars where they are needed most.

This Pa. House bill would make building inspections less reliable and more expensive |...

If the goal of the proposed legislation is to curb a rogue building inspector, the current language fails to accomplish that objective.

Restore or reenergize? Turzai, House GOP offer plan for natural gas-based state economy

Preaching “jobs, jobs, jobs,” state House Speaker Mike Turzai and other House Republicans rolled out a package of bills Monday that they say will expand the manufacturing potential of the shale gas boom.

Pennsylvania’s public workers don’t have workplace safety protections. This bill would change that

For 577,000 Pennsylvanians, no state agency oversees their workplace safety. Legislation that's being pushed by organized labor and its allies would change that.On Monday, lawmakers and officials from the AFL-CIO — a labor conference...