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Jobless Pennsylvanians will soon start getting round two of enhanced unemployment benefits

Pennsylvanians out of work because of COVID-19 will begin receiving $300 a week in expanded federal unemployment payments as soon as Sept. 14.

In Philly, unions rally on Labor Day for PPE, better pay

Hundreds of local workers demanded better PPE, hazard pay and protection from layoffs at a rally outside of City Hall on Monday.

REPORT: Pa. unemployment claims recovering quickly compared to other states | The Numbers Racket

Pennsylvania has seen the second quickest recovery of unemployment claims from last week to last year and the sixth quickest recovery of unemployment claims since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report by WalletHub. 

On Labor Day: How to plan a mini-road trip to mark Pennsylvania’s worker history

Pennsylvanians will enjoy an extra day of rest from their working lives during another Labor Day celebration this weekend — but workers of the world unite on the first of May, not the first...

Labor Day celebrates earning a living, but remember what work really means | Opinion

Labor Day provides an opportunity to appreciate the writings of a woman who thought deeply about a life beyond work, Simone Weil.

Trump inflates Pennsylvania nat.gas job figures by 3500 percent | Fact Check

Trump claimed during this week that there are currently 940,000 natural-gas jobs in Pennsylvania. That's a gross exaggeration.

A Labor Day wish | Editorial Cartoon

Pennsylvania is still suffering from double-digit unemployment. When will its economy rebound?

The Legislature needs to step up to keep Pa. residents in their homes. Here’s...

Please, contact your local lawmaker and call on them to support our Safe at Home bill package to keep families in their homes.

Black groups endorse 76ers bid to build stadium along Delaware River waterfront

One Black leader said the Sixers need to keep their commitments to ensure they’re not just hype if the project moves forward.

Here’s what the CDC eviction ban means for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanians who have fallen behind on rent may be shielded from eviction once again, this time under a new federal order that aims to keep them in their homes through the end of 2020.