Working & The Economy

DePasquale tours Harrisburg businesses facing down pandemic economic woes

To Anya Lumpkin-Queen, COVID-19 isn’t the only disease spreading like wildfire across the United States.  Lumpkin-Queen, who co-owns Queen’s BBQ in Harrisburg, and her husband Titus Queen, also see a virus of rancor and anger...

Oxfam ranked the best states for workers during COVID-19. How did Pa. do? |...

Oxfam ranked all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, on worker protections, health care and unemployment policies.

Candidates, constituents of rural Pa. call for ‘their own Bill of Rights’

Several of the candidates said that residents of rural Pennsylvania don’t feel “heard” in Harrisburg.

Head of Philly’s African American Museum to step down after eight years

After eight years of leading the African American Museum in Philadelphia, Patricia Wilson Aden is stepping down as president and CEO.

The Legislature’s silence on a minimum wage hike when so many are in need...

The Pa. House Labor & Industry Committee must hold a vote on a bill allowing municipalities to set their minimum wages above the state level.

Pa. reports $311M in gaming, fantasy sports revenue in August, state regulators say

The total tax revenue from those sources was $128.8 million in August, the gaming board said in its statement.

Pitt, CMU y afiliados planifican animada celebración del Mes de la Hispanidad

Los eventos, muchos en modo virtual debido al COVID-19, incluyen lecciones de baile, sesiones de networking, talleres educativos, demostraciones de cocina y más.

Congress needs same bipartisan spirit It found to rebuild America after 9/11 to fix...

I also remember Republicans and Democrats in Congress standing together to show the world the United States was united in this crisis, resolved to rebuild, and determined to bring the perpetrators to justice. 

Philly officials consider next move to clear homeless encampments

On Wednesday morning, outreach workers and clergy members were rebuffed when they attempted to assist people ordered to vacate the camp.

As clock ticks down, problems plague Pa. rental assistance program

There’s no shortage of demand for the money in Pennsylvania's COVID-19 housing assistance program, which was intended to keep rent and mortgage payments flowing during a period of record-high unemployment.