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L&I intenta abordar los nuevos problemas y preocupaciones del sistema UC

En una reunión informativa con los periodistas el jueves, la Secretaria de Trabajo e Industria en funciones, Jennifer Berrier, dijo que el departamento "continúa haciendo mejoras" al nuevo sistema.

L&I attempting to address new UC system issues, concerns

Just two days after the state Department of Labor & Industry launched its revamped unemployment compensation system that was intended as an upgrade to the outdated, complaint-riddled previous system, state officials say they are still working out the bugs. 

Buses may stop at 5 p.m., but her Mom’s care is 7 days a...

Lisa Gonzalez is a Pittsburgh community organizer veteran, family caretaker, and Community Worker at Pittsburgh Liberty K-5 public school. She relies on public transportation for her many responsibilities.

Is tax avoidance ethical? Asking for some billionaire friends | Opinion

Whether tax avoidance strategies are viewed and rationalized as ethical or unethical likely depends on the ethical foundations of the person judging such actions.

Pa. debuts new unemployment compensation system

Calling the 40-year-old system “archaic,” the department said the new system’s soft launch occurred just after 3 a.m. Tuesday morning. 

Pa. GOP lawmakers threaten state funding for Penn veterinary program over vaccine policy

A group of House Republicans are threatening to withhold almost $32 million in state funding for Philadelphia’s largest private employer over its employee vaccine policy.

States poised to allow college athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness

Statutes in five states, including Georgia and Florida, will go into effect July 1.

The 300K Pennsylvanians awaiting unemployment deserve payment now | Opinion

Gov. Tom Wolf should order the state Department of Labor and Industry to pay benefits now to all those who have been waiting 21 days or longer.

Connecting low-income families to high-speed internet: Let’s learn from past failures and build...

Philadelphians and all Americans have seen too much time and money wasted on projects that sound good but fail to deliver.

The pandemic changed a lot. But not the partisan debate over paid leave |...

Just 14 states and Washington D.C. now mandate paid leave. Democratic bills in the Pa. House and Senate seek to change that.