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As budget season approaches, Democrats keep pushing for minimum wage hike

With a line of caffeine craving-customers looking on, state Rep. Patty Kim, D-Dauphin, took a moment to chat with the coffee connoisseur across the counter.At Elementary Coffee in Harrisburg's Broad Street Market, Kim was...

Enough is enough: It’s time to give our public employees OSHA-style protections | Opinion

Many other states have already done so. So far, at least 28 U.S. states or territories, including Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky, have adopted some form of OSHA-approved state plan. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania isn’t one of them.

With budget season in full swing: Five things to know about the state of...

Five takeaways from Pennsylvania’s newest revenue report

State rep. responds to online outrage over bill that allows underage, uncompensated musicians to...

The measure's sponsor says payment is a completely separate issue, and the complaints are driven by people who haven't read the bill.

House lawmakers aim to aid older foster children with free tuition, car insurance

Lawmakers in the state House said Tuesday they hope a package of bills now working its way through the chamber will help teenage foster children transition from young adulthood into maturity."We have our own...

Trump’s China tariff confusion: It won’t solve chronic trade deficits | Opinion

Bullying China into another meaningless trade deal that addresses the pet concerns of American corporations just isn’t going to get the job done. 

What to do about Pittsburgh’s population loss? A few prescriptions | Opinion

It starts with ending public school teacher and mass transit strikes; prevailing wage reform; ending economic development subsidies, and allowing voter approval for all local tax increases.

A modest proposal to fund transportation — without raising taxes | Opinion

the source of three-quarters of the State Police operating budget ought not be a burden on the motoring public. Here's a way to fix that.

Brain drain is an old problem for Pennsylvania | The Numbers Racket

Brain drain refers to educated people in their 20s and 30s leaving their home state to find greener pastures elsewhere.