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Scranton Joe? Biden gets heat for inaugural celebration with union-busting law firm

The firm, based in Philadelphia, has employed both U.S. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, D-5th District, and former Gov. Ed Rendell.

Fayette County was already struggling. Now the pandemic could break it | Mark O’Keefe

Fayette County's residents were already struggling with a poor economy and high unemployment. Then the pandemic hit.

Wolf, legislative GOP not talking as $145M relief plan for small businesses languishes

“Republican leaders have not made any moves to get that money out of the General Fund and into the hand of businesses that need it,” Wolf said during a news conference.

Pa. House GOP pushes measure to restrict Wolf emergency response, remake judiciary

The Republican-controlled Pennsylvania House advanced two constitutional amendments Tuesday that would address their long simmering balance of power grievances.

Fiedler to chair new progressive panel as House Democratic makeover continues

The progressive panel will be part of the House Democratic Policy Committee, which, pre-COVID, traveled the state and held hearings on issues affecting Pennsylvania.

Pa. sees a revenue boost in 2020 year-end collections | The Numbers Racket

Pennsylvania collected $3.7 billion in general fund revenue last month, 14.5 percent higher than anticipated, according to Pennsylvania Department of Revenue data. 

Looking to boost minimum wage, Pa. Dems want to end preemption. That’s a heavy...

After a deal to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage — stuck at $7.25 — fell apart last year, some advocates for a statewide pay raise are shifting their approach to win Republican votes.

Dems float eviction moratorium plan: ‘We want people to live and thrive in their...

"We really must embrace those living on the margins with a significant amount of humanity and allow them to get back on their feet," state Sen. Vincent Hughes, D-Philadelphia, said.

‘Stop the flood’: Faith leaders, advocates tell lawmakers to save thousands facing eviction |...

The $908B federal stimulus bill extended an eviction moratorium until Jan. 31. Advocates want the state to step in.

Pa. caps off a very strange year in alcohol sales

Retailers raked in a total of $26.5 million in retail sales on March 16, the day Wolf announced the shutdown. That’s more than five times the average day in 2020, and a 249 percent increase from the same day in 2019.