Working & The Economy

Why Black and Hispanic small-business owners have been so badly hit in the pandemic...

With fewer funds to fall back on, minority-owned enterprises have struggled in the recession. To make things worse, many are in sectors that have been badly hit by lockdowns.

Why Wolf’s plan to toll Pa. bridges is a road to nowhere with lawmakers...

Yes, Pennsylvania badly needs better roads and bridges. But the way it's unfolding right now is just a mess.

Senators reveal bipartisan plan to legalize weed, expunge records in Pennsylvania

The sponsors, Sens. Dan Laughlin, R-Erie, and Sharif Street, D-Philadelphia, cited shifting public attitudes, as well as the potential gain from a new crop for farmers, a fresh start for those with a possession arrest on their record, and a boast to the state’s bottom line.

As Congress starts sprint on COVID relief bill, Pa.’s Casey, Evans push minimum wage...

'How can we be the greatest country when our essential workers aren’t being protected?' one worker asks as the Fight for $15 intensifies.

Women of color spend more than $8B on bleaching creams worldwide every year |...

Fair skin as a beauty ideal underpins the global bleach cream industry – valued at US$8.6 billion. There is a nascent backlash against the practice, which endangers health and can perpetuate racism.

Philadelphia radio pioneer, Cody Anderson, of WDAS-FM, has died

There is no reported cause of death at the moment.  He leaves behind a wife and his sons Bill and Kyle Anderson.

Democrat Kenyatta brings his ‘working poor’ Philly upbringing to 2022 Senate race

A tall, brash Democratic politician familiar to Twitter users and cable news viewers alike with a pitch about fighting for working people has just stepped into Pennsylvania’s 2022 U.S. Senate race.  You may feel like...

U.S. Senate hears from Ohio on the need for economic relief, minimum wage boost;...

The committee’s ranking member, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., raised concerns about unnecessary spending in the bill and the proposed $1,400 stimulus checks to individuals.

Hbg biz group launches push to help Black-owned businesses | Friday Morning Coffee

Pennsylvania's Capital City is rich with Black-owned businesses. Here's your chance to help them survive and thrive.

Struggling Pa. families need more support; Lawmakers, Wolf need to boost TANF payments | Opinion

Benefits have not increased since 1990, even though the cost of living has more than doubled since then.