Purple States

This project is a joint effort between the Capital-Star and our sibling sites, the Michigan Advance, the Wisconsin Examiner, and the Ohio Capital Journal. From now until November, our four sites in the States Newsroom network will be taking an in-depth look at the issues, the people and the policies that matter to voters in the four states that could well determine who wins the White House.

Rust Belt  manufacturing has seen ups and downs on Trump’s watch | Purple States

Pennsylvania is the sixth-biggest state for manufacturing jobs, with only fellow Rust Belt states Ohio and Michigan ahead.

Pennsylvania is a big, important state. Why doesn’t its primary date reflect that? Experts...

Political consultants say the state should pivot now and recast this year’s primary as critical for the eventual 2020 Democratic nominee.

Enough with the ‘Pennsyltucky’: Pa’s biggest political myths debunked | Purple States

For our friends in the national press, from the people who know best, here's a handy visitors guide to the Keystone State political tropes to avoid in 2020.