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Keeping students safe is a growth industry struggling to fulfill its mission | Opinion

Hardening school buildings distracts from the need to focus on human behavior and what's known about school shooters, and may make students less safe.

Has impeachment silenced Washington’s debate over gun violence reduction?

Prospects for meaningful gun violence reduction legislation appear increasingly slim now that the U.S. House launched an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

There’s a well-documented link between guns and suicide. Just what Pennsylvania should do about...

Gov. Tom Wolf and some moderate Republicans are calling for a red flag law, while another key member of the GOP has another idea.

Here’s the price of our inaction on gun violence: More dead. More wounded. And...

by the time you finish reading this, someone, somewhere, will have been shot with a gun in America. The data suggests they might die.

More mental health care won’t stop the gun epidemic, new study suggests | Analysis

A new study suggests there may be better ways to prevent shooting deaths than by pouring resources and energy into mental health treatment

Can reporters prevent gun violence? This Philadelphia journalist wants to find out

Veteran journalist Jim MacMillan has founded The Initiative for Better Gun Violence Reporting to focus on how reporters can offer solutions.

Too many Pa. veterans are dying by suicide. Tell your lawmakers that Red Flag...

There is something we can do. Through supporting actionable legislation, Pennsylvanians can prevent tragedies beginning right here in our state.

On a red flag law for Pa.: It’s the start of the fight in...

House Republicans might be trying to end the debate on Red Flag laws. They just gave advocates a roadmap for the fight yet to come.

How one week in the Capitol drove home our destructive paralysis on gun laws...

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- So here's another one of those times when you get to see the unintended through-lines of policy.On Wednesday, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro held a roundtable with students in the sprawling...

The big things we learned from the Pa. Senate’s marathon gun safety hearings

No. 1: A key Republican hasn't closed the door on a red flag proposal.