Health Care

Republicans don’t have a Plan B if the Affordable Care Act is struck down....

Massive budget holes. Millions of uninsured still requiring medical care. Hospital closures, especially in rural America. Lack of treatment for those suffering from the opioid epidemic ravaging Appalachia and the U.S. We should all be worried.

We’re Pennsylvania nurses: We support the struggle for Medicaid coverage of abortion | Opinion

As nurses, we witness the complex decisions made by our patients every day. We have held the hands of parents struggling to both heal and survive on minimum wage.

At request of counties, lawmakers delay privatization of Medicaid rides to doctor’s visits

A last-minute provision added to the budget passed in 2018 mandated that the program, known as Medical Assistance Transportation, be contracted to a private company.

As Pa. faces home-care worker ‘crisis,’ lawmakers set the stage for a small wage...

The median wage for home-care workers is under $12. A budget bill could mean an increase.

Pittsburgh can require private employers to provide paid sick leave, Pa. Supreme Court rules

Wednesday's ruling doesn’t necessarily mean Pittsburgh’s paid sick leave law is safe.

Freshman Pa. senator who shared anti-Muslim memes is now pushing an abortion ‘heartbeat’ ban...

Welcome back to the Abortion Wars -- Pennsylvania edition.On Wednesday, freshman state Sen. Doug Mastriano, R-Adams, decided that one of his first legislative gambits out of the gate would be a restrictive, and most...

The common denominator in Pennsylvania’s veteran suicides? Firearms, experts say

In 2016, 236 veterans died by suicide in Pennsylvania, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Rolling back women’s reproductive rights is the newest form of voter suppression | Mary...

A choice is only a choice if there's an alternative. Too many states - and the federal government - are putting untenable restrictions on a woman's right to make choices about her own healthcare.

State OKs medical marijuana use for anxiety, Tourette syndrome

Individuals with anxiety disorders and Tourette syndrome will be eligible to join Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program starting July 20, the state Health Department said Thursday.The two conditions now join the 21 existing diagnosis qualify...

Dems warn looming health care ruling could be ‘catastrophic’

Nearly 20 million people nationwide, including 857,000 in Pennsylvania, who get health coverage through programs created under the law could lose coverage if the act is repealed