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Should my child get the COVID-19 vaccine? 7 questions answered by a pediatric infectious...

So far, the COVID-19 vaccine appears to be safe and well tolerated in adolescents.

Lawmakers need to pass, and Gov. Tom Wolf needs to sign, this cost-effective measure...

While COVID-19 vaccination efforts are underway, we expect to see more patients with undiagnosed and untreated STIs.

Senate Democrats propose ‘New Deal’ spending plan for Pa. relief funds

Democrats said their $6.15 billion plan focuses on creating jobs, opportunity and equity by investing in human services, economic development and public health. 

There’s a workforce crisis in human services that funding alone can’t fix | Opinion

How can we hire quality staff to support the individuals in our programs if we can’t offer them a living wage, let alone a quality rate?

Thousands in Pa. could have compromised health data. A Senate panel wants answers

The Health Department begged off Tuesday's hearing, saying pending litigation barred the agency from appearing. 

Pa. Senate Maj. Leader Ward announces stage one breast cancer diagnosis

“I didn’t want to be statewide news right after I won majority leader, with all that statewide news,” Ward said. “It was literally two weeks later.”

An investment in homecare is an investment in healthy families & communities | Opinion

Homecare workers are an essential part of our national infrastructure. We need to pay for it and treat it that way.

Nothing but racism explains Black women’s higher rate of horrible birth stories | Jarvis...

Focus on what that says about White providers. If we assume they’re no less competent than Black providers, what — other than racism — explains more Black babies dying on their watch?

‘The system denies our humanity’: Congressional panel hears heartbreaking stories of Black maternal deaths,...

Black birthing people are three times more likely to experience pregnancy-related death when compared to their white counterparts.

Pa.’s waitlist system is an injustice to its disabilities community | Opinion

It is unacceptable to leave a vulnerable community waiting indefinitely on services they need to survive.