Health Care

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It's never easy to learn that a loved one has serious health issues. But having an idea of options once the shock dissipates can ease the burden.

Obamacare Lawsuit: Why Pa. needs to prepare for the worst | Opinion

Pa. should start thinking about alternatives to the ACA. It's possible to mitigate the effects of a U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning the law.

New Wolf admin plan aims to reduce stigma of mental illness, encourage people to...

The goal of the initiative is to reduce the stigma of mental illness, encourage people to seek treatment and analyze the factors that prevent Pennsylvanians from receiving care, Wolf said.

With measles cases rising around the world, facts, not conspiracy theories, are the strongest...

Let’s learn from the Samoa case and look to science for explanations and insist that vaccines are held to the highest standards.

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Focus on what you want to accomplish, not what you don’t. And other key tips to make sure your resolutions survive past Jan 1.

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From marijuana town halls to abortion bans, here are my picks for the top 5 healthcare stories to know from 2019.

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Yes, you feel awful. But you can thank your body later for its efforts to protect you against the harmful effects of too much fa-la-la-ing.

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Want to help those who are grieving? Try developing a more nuanced understanding of the variability, adaptability, and unfolding nature of grief.

Undoing Obamacare would do more than just hurt Americans’ health | Opinion

The status quo in health care has shifted dramatically, and Americans, even if they despise Obamacare in the abstract, do not want to go back to 2009.

‘People’s lives are on the line,’ Pa’s top insurance official says after federal court...

Even though its final destination is likely the U.S. Supreme Court, a federal appeals court's ruling Wednesday striking down the Obamacare insurance mandate will destabilize markets and perhaps lead some people to drop their...