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With abortion restrictions as potential poison pill, telemedicine bill awaits next move

The language apparently limiting access to medical abortions has raised concerns among abortion rights advocates and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf

Insurance approval delays caused my patient needless suffering. Reform is imperative | Opinion

More than one out of four physicians in a nationwide survey by the American Medical Association say prior authorization has led to a serious adverse event for at least one of their patients.

Wolf vetoes Down syndrome abortion ban

Wolf has previously vowed to veto any attempt to restrict access to abortion if it reaches his desk.

Pa. families can’t wait any longer for relief from surprise medical bills | Opinion

Tell your lawmakers to support a bipartisan compromise now awaiting a vote in the Pa. House of Representatives.

Pa. needs to expand access to this life-saving drug that fights opioid abuse —...

Access to buprenorphine is already limited in Pennsylvania because of existing restrictions set in place by the nation and the state.

Hahnemann sale expected to trigger more oversight for hospital closures

The legislation has the support of 11 council members and the Kenney administration, a strong indication that the bill will pass before the end of the year.

Setting up a Wolf veto, Pa. Senate passes Down syndrome abortion ban

Setting it on a course for a guaranteed gubernatorial veto, and adding further tinder to the culture wars,  Pennsylvania's Republican-controlled Senate gave final approval Wednesday to a measure banning abortion based on a prenatal...

Universal lead testing touches ideological nerve in Pa. House panel debate

The House Children and Youth Committee voted 17-6 to advance the bill, amid concerns from some of the panel’s Republicans about the proper role of government.

Pa. House passes fetal remains bill with bipartisan backing

Every Republican backed the bill, along with a smattering of Democrats, which passed on a 123-76 vote.

We’re psychologists: This Pa. House bill mandating the burial of fetal remains is emotionally...

This poorly-worded and ambiguous piece of legislation is emotionally harmful to the women of Pennsylvania and it deserves to be defeated.