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The COVID-19 vaccine could be less effective in people with high PFAS levels in...

A study of Danish people with COVID-19 showed that those with higher levels of a type of perfluorinated compound, PFBA, in their blood suffered more severe reactions from the virus, as well as a higher death rate.

La vacuna COVID llega a Pa., la mitigación todavía es necesaria, dice Levine

En una llamada con periodistas el lunes, la secretaria de Salud del estado, La Dra. Rachel Levine, calificó la llegada de la vacuna a Pensilvania como algo "tremendamente emocionante.”

Trump takes a final shot at Obamacare exchanges. How Pa. is impacted

By Michael Ollove On his way out of the White House, President Donald Trump is taking one last swipe at the Affordable Care Act, proposing to allow states to opt out of the Obamacare exchanges...

COVID-19 vaccinations in Philadelphia to start Wednesday

Hospitals and workplaces will administer the initial vaccination doses to their staff, Farley said. As the priority groups expand and the city receives more doses, health officials will expand the sites where the vaccine will be offered.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Who gets it and when? | Phase One breakdown

Last month, state Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine debuted Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan and its three-phase rollout process.  

In historic moment, UPMC delivers first round of COVID-19 vaccines to Pgh’s frontline workers

“This is truly a momentous occasion,” one official said, comparing it to the 1955 deployment of Dr. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine, which he discovered while researching at the University of Pittsburgh.

Report: Feds need to close racial gaps in program that helps kids living with...

A federal program aimed at helping kids living with disabilities is leaving Black and Brown children behind, researchers found.

Albert Gallatin Human Services Agency helping seniors through pandemic | Helping the Helpers

Despite the rising number of COVID-19 cases, Albert Gallatin Human Services Agency is still helping seniors stay in touch by sending cards, giving people puzzles to take home with them, offering virtual Bingo sessions and delivering meals five days a week.

We’re future OB-GYNs. Pa. needs to drop its support for ‘crisis pregnancy’ centers |...

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are anti-abortion organizations that claim to help pregnant people though they have been shown to  utilize misinformation to coerce, deceive, and manipulate women.

Fayette EMS saddled with financial burdens due to COVID-19 | Helping the Helpers

They received $125,000 in grant money, but lost about $600,000 in income and the funding has largely dried up, said Fayette EMS Administrative Director Bob Topper.