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The big thing Trump can do to improve his coronavirus response | Opinion

Ending the administration's seemingly endless war on science and expertise would go a long way toward calming public fears.

Officials renew outrage over failed bid for supervised injection site, call for oversight

The fallout from Safehouse’s failed bid to open a supervised injection site intensified on Monday as legislators sought to seize control over the process and called for more transparency.

Coronavirus threat: Pa. House needs to pass public health emergency bill, Senate Dem Costa...

The call from Sen. Jay Costa comes as the state makes preparations to deal with the virus

Philadelphia safe-injection site will not open – for now

A representative of the South Philadelphia medical center set to rent space to a nonprofit for the nation’s first supervised injection site said the medical center will no longer allow the site to operate in its building.

¿Cómo prepararnos para el coronavirus? 3 preguntas y respuestas | Análisis

Lo primero, y más importante, es que las personas deben prepararse para que su vida diaria se vea afectada por medidas de salud pública que se emplearán para tratar de limitar el contagio y propagación del virus.
Pat Albright repurposes a sign to protest the elimination of General Assistance. (Photo by Sarah Anne Hughes)

Pa.’s cash assistance program’s former beneficiaries say they’ve been forgotten by Harrisburg

The fight to protect a cash assistance program for impoverished adults spurred a spate of fervent activism across Pennsylvania last June, including a shouting match on the state Senate floor and a protest outside Gov. Tom Wolf’s private home in York.

Facing skeptical lawmakers, Human Services official makes $3M pitch for funding for Planned Parenthood

In a Wednesday appearance before the Senate Appropriations Committee, Department of Human Services Secretary Teresa D. Miller assured lawmakers that the healthcare provider would have to undergo independent audits, and sign a contract to ensure that the public funds are not used for abortions.

Pa.’s Casey votes for anti-abortion bills rejected by the U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., doesn’t allow many bills to get floor votes these days, but he made an exception Tuesday for two bills intended to curb abortion access.Two GOP-led...

The US birth rate keeps declining: 4 questions answered | Analysis

The country is now below population replacement rates as a nation. This means that the population will start to shrink in numbers, generation by generation.

Insurance companies and Big Pharma are fighting. And you’re left holding the bag |...

By Simon F. HaederAmericans pay more for their prescription drugs than any other nation in the world. And the discrepancies are growing. Indeed, while per capita spending in the US today exceeds $1,000, the...