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COVID-19 in Pa.: Pennsylvania charts highest one-day total at 11,406 cases of COVID-19

Amid an already record-shattering fall surge, Pennsylvania charted its highest, one-day total of new COVID-19 cases to date on Thursday, with 11,406 additional cases, the state Health Department said in a statement. The agency...

Pa. Planned Parenthood boss resigns over hostile workplace culture claims | Wednesday Morning Coffee

Leadership at the abortion rights organization says it's committed to building a culture of inclusion and to fighting structural racism 'at all levels.'

COVID-19 in Pa.: Health Dept. confirms 5,676 new cases, 180 new deaths

Nearly 1,000 people are in hospital intensive care units statewide as Pennsylvania's fall surge of COVID-19 cases continues seemingly unabated, according to new state data. As of midday Tuesday, the state Health Department confirmed 5,676...

Older people take longer to heal. This is why — and why it’s important...

Healing is a complicated process. As people age, higher rates of disease and the fact that old cells lose the ability to divide slow this process down.

Holidays are stressful enough, let alone in a pandemic. Here are some tips on...

The spirit of community and service to the community is a holiday tradition for many Pennsylvanians.

Pa. has a State Plan on Aging? Here’s what you need to know about...

Every state is required to produce such a blueprint in order to receive millions of dollars of funding from the federal Older Americans Act.

COVID-19 in Pa.: Health Dept. announces 6,669 new cases; 81 new deaths

A day after the Wolf administration imposed a "stay at home advisory" for the entire state, COVID-19 cases continued unabated across Pennsylvania. State health officials confirmed 6,669 new cases as of midday on Tuesday, with...

As COVID-19 cases surge, Black Philadelphians remain vulnerable

Eight months after the first COVID-19 case was reported in Philadelphia, Black residents face the same health care-related challenges that led to the virus hitting them hardest.

Pew Study: Contact tracing efforts face skepticism, participation challenges | The Numbers Racket

An October study by the Pew Research Center found that while most Americans are aware of contact tracing efforts nationwide, there are many challenges tracers face, including participation, skepticism about the process of data collection and spam concerns. 

COVID-19 is surging in Philly, city Health Commissioner Farley says

“What was once safe is now dangerous with the change in the weather. So we are starting to see the severe outcomes that we worried most about," Farley said.