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Pennsylvania’s Suicide Prevention Task Force will hold public meetings this fall

The statewide listening tour will allow Wolf’s Suicide Prevention Task Force to gather information for a suicide prevention plan, according to a news release.

Pa. hospital trade group launches new collaborative effort to fight opioid abuse

Looking to close that communication and information-sharing gap, Pennsylvania's hospital industry trade group on Tuesday launched a two-year effort aimed at getting hospitals from Perkasie to Pittsburgh to adopt evidence-based best practices to get patients on the road to recovery.

Opioid epidemic may have cost states at least $130 billion in treatment and related...

By Joel Segel, Douglas L. Leslie, Gary Zajac, Max Crowley, and Paul L. MorganThe devastating health effects of the opioid epidemic have been well documented, with over 700,000 overdose deaths and millions more affected.And Americans...

In one month, 3,000 Pennsylvanians with anxiety certified for medical marijuana

That number has been growing by about 1,000 people a week since certifications began July 20.

Hahnemann is too important to close. Our leaders must fight for it | Opinion

Until we have universal health coverage, Hahnemann’s closing is a disaster we must avoid at all costs.

It’s time for Pa. to invest in public health by fighting Hep A |...

We need to invest in local and state public health departments. We need to invest into frontline workers who go out into the communities most affected by these outbreaks and connect individuals not only to medical care but also to social services. We need to invest into our communities. And we need to do so now.

I’m a researcher: How Pa’s Medicaid expansion went beyond just data and touched my...

We need to get the profit motive out of our healthcare system and make health care accessible and free to every human being in this country. Anything less is an early death sentence to our beloved and a loss beyond repair.

Republicans don’t have a Plan B if the Affordable Care Act is struck down....

Massive budget holes. Millions of uninsured still requiring medical care. Hospital closures, especially in rural America. Lack of treatment for those suffering from the opioid epidemic ravaging Appalachia and the U.S. We should all be worried.

We’re Pennsylvania nurses: We support the struggle for Medicaid coverage of abortion | Opinion

As nurses, we witness the complex decisions made by our patients every day. We have held the hands of parents struggling to both heal and survive on minimum wage.

At request of counties, lawmakers delay privatization of Medicaid rides to doctor’s visits

A last-minute provision added to the budget passed in 2018 mandated that the program, known as Medical Assistance Transportation, be contracted to a private company.