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Philly AIDS Thrift at Giovanni’s Room: An institution survives

Like many businesses, PAT at Giovanni’s Room has had to reshape the way they operate in the last 11 months of the COVID pandemic. 

5 ways parents can help kids avoid gender stereotypes | Opinion

A genderqueer sociologist offers tips to disrupt gender-based discrimination in childhood.

Many Black Americans aren’t rushing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. A long history of...

Though COVID-19 has killed Black Americans at nearly twice the rate as white people, Blacks are the racial group least enthusiastic to get the vaccine.

Game-changing one-dose vaccine could be in states’ hands shortly

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is awaiting emergency-use authorization from a critical Food and Drug Administration panel on Friday, followed by the agency’s final decision, expected shortly.

More than two months after launch, Philly’s racial vaccine gap persists

Black residents remain under-represented among those who have received the first-vaccine dose compared to their share of the city’s population (44 percent)

Unlike rest of Pa., Philly residents with HIV/AIDS aren’t eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

In Pennsylvania, people living with HIV are currently eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. However, this is not the case in Philadelphia, which has separate vaccine guidelines from the rest of the state.

Pa. flunks on watchdog group’s COVID-19 testing report card | The Numbers Racket

According to the scorecard, the Keystone state earned an F grade for being 22.2 percent toward its testing target. 

Pa. health officials, vaccine providers say winter weather could delay shots

One major vaccine provider in South Central Pennsylvania said it’s already feeling the strain of the weather-related delays. 

Philly’s Trans Wellness Conference is going virtual

The largest transgender health conference world-wide, PTWC serves to educate members of the trans community, healthcare workers and intersections thereof, about physical and mental health issues facing trans communities.

Pennsylvania’s vaccine program is flailing. Nurses in the statehouse are out to fix it

State Sen. Maria Collett was beyond frustrated – and she wasn’t trying to hide it.