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That vaping? It’ll kill ya | Editorial Cartoon

After a series of mysterious deaths, the federal government announced this week that it was moving to ban flavorings for eCigarettes.

Tell your state senator to support this important bill that fights Lyme disease |...

With Pennsylvania leading the nation in Lyme disease cases, the time for state lawmakers to act is now.

How Pa. is continuing to help those with the disease of addiction | Opinion

Opioid deaths were down in Pennsylvania in 2018. But the Wolf administration is still working hard to remove barriers to treatment.

‘This is 100 percent preventable:’ Public health advocates, lawmakers warn of risks of Fetal...

There's no safe amount of alcohol to consume during pregnancy, advocates and public health experts said during a Monday news conference.

An opioid success story: Efforts to minimize painkillers after surgery appear to be working...

It is important to educate patients well before their surgeries so they know their expected level of pain after their surgery and the different medication and procedures in place to minimize that post-operative pain.

Pa’s Medicaid program is paying more than it needs to for prescription drugs. This...

Pharmacy Benefit Managers are huge for-profit companies that often pick the pockets of the patients they are supposed to be helping.

‘We’ve got to keep [food stamps] whole’: Wolf administration begins Hunger Action Month

More than 1.5 million Pennsylvanians experience hunger. Roughly two out of seven of those people are children.

Senate Democrats hit the road in September for addiction open house series

Pennsylvania Senate Democrats will hold 10 open house events across the state in September, where their constituents can share stories of addiction and recovery and find resources for battling substance use disorder, the caucus...

Feds give Wolf admin $2.25 million to study maternal mortality in Pennsylvania

The committee, which has its roots in legislation sponsored by Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, R-Lehigh, studies all maternal deaths before or up to a year after birth.

When religious ideology drives abortion policy, poor women suffer the consequences | Opinion

By Gretchen E. ElyIn Northern Ireland, Catholics and Protestants are frequently segregated, with some neighborhoods divided by barbed wire fences, reflecting deep historical conflicts between the faiths.Ninety percent of Northern Ireland’s 1.87 million people...