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Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

With Iowa caucuses closing in, where do the 2020 Dems stand on health care...

By Simon F. HaederWith the Iowa caucuses closing in, there's no doubt that health care is one of the most important topics of debate for many Americans. The 2020 Democratic candidates have all talked...

Facing veto threat, Pa. House approves bill blocking Wolf from closing centers for the...

The chamber’s 139-55 vote on Wednesday afternoon split both Republicans and Democrats, but reached the two-thirds majorities needed to overcome Wolf’s veto promise.

New report calls for ‘comprehensive’ fight against Pa.’s other public health crisis: Suicide |...

“We need to study all factors that lead to suicide because treating the disease is both challenging and difficult,” top lawmaker says.

Let’s not turn back the clock on affordable health care in Pa. | Opinion

Call your local lawmaker and tell them to support a House Democrat's proposal to protect those with pre-existing conditions.

States ‘are our eyes and ears,’ top lawmaker says as Pa. asks Congress for...

States have been trying to respond to a growing problem of addiction and overdose to opioids and other drugs. Overdose deaths have dropped in Pennsylvania.

It’s time to end Pa’s outrageous practice of non-consensual, unnecessary pelvic exams | Opinion

Right now in Pennsylvania, doctors and medical students can perform invasive, unnecessary, physical exams on unconscious patients without their consent.

High-priced specialty drugs: Exposing the flaws in the system | Opinion

High prescription drug costs are a widespread concern. For patients who need specialty drugs, though, the problem is even worse.

Pa. lawmakers roll out bipartisan proposal aimed at curbing Medicaid fraud

Pushback to a proposed "False Claims Act," began piling up less than a hour after it was introduced at a Capitol news conference on Monday.

Map: 100 Pa. schools found lead in their drinking water. Here’s how they responded.

Water at more than 100 buildings in 32 districts across Pennsylvania had unsafe levels of lead in the 2018-2019 school year, according to a list the Pennsylvania Department of Education published in late November.

DNC Chair Tom Perez to shine healthcare spotlight on Pa., key battleground states |...

With Obamacare on the line in the courts, the big fight is over what comes next.