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Wolf, in D.C. for governors’ meeting, says Philly rapper Meek Mill’s case exposes criminal...

“This is the holy grail of politics,” Wolf said Saturday. “You can bring extreme right and extreme left together because it’s not only fair, it’s smart and it actually gets people back into the economy.”

Pa. critics blast Trump’s federal funding ban for clinics that provide abortion, abortion referrals

The administration's rule change would affect more than 169,000 Pennsylvania patients, about 38 percent of whom are served by Planned Parenthood

Legal mail policy at Pennsylvania prisons will be revised under settlement

A controversial policy on copying and storing legal mail at Pennsylvania prisons will be revised under a nearly finished settlement between groups that advocate for incarcerated persons and the state Corrections department.In a Friday...

Pa. elections officials accepted gifts, travel from voting machine companies, report

Democratic Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said Friday that accepting the gifts is wrong, even if officials took no action in return

One nation under who? New poll paints perilous picture for American pluralism | John...

America has a bunch of foundational myths — George Washington and his famed cherry tree; the belief that anyone can get ahead if they just work hard enough; and the stubborn belief that our...

Stronger together, Pa.’s ‘Fab Four’ women lawmakers make their mark on Capitol Hill

For the first time since 2015, women are representing Pennsylvania on Capitol Hill - and they're making their presence felt.

Another sign that it’s tax season | Editorial Cartoon

Another year, another stab at tax reform.

Let’s hear it for the women of the Democratic Party | Sean P. Quinlan

Democrats may have lost the White House in 2016 - but they scored a victory when thousands of women rose up to run for office.

York County Republican named chair of House investigative committee with subpoena powers

On Thursday, Republican leadership named York County Rep. Seth Grove chair of a new state House committee tasked with looking into Pennsylvania's executive branch at the behest of lawmakers.The nine-member House Oversight Committee was...