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So about that fallout from the nukes bill | Editorial Cartoon

You'll find the mushroom cloud of anger over the ratepayers heads.

This one thing kept Erie from losing even more of its population last year...

Spoiler Alert: Taco trucks have something to do with it.

Help us stop Pa. House Republicans’ ‘Dirty Dozen’ plan to let Big Business run...

Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg are pushing their very own “Dirty Dozen” – five bills containing 12 proposals to let corporate special interests have almost anything they want

Pa. Rep. Joyce’s Arizona border trip gets some Trump Twitter attention

The POTUS' retweet was one of a flurry Trump pumped out on Thursday praising GOP loyalists on Capitol Hill.

High stakes for Pa. as Supreme Court grapples with census citizenship question

The high court's eventual decision could have significant consequences for Pennsylvania’s federal funding and political representation.

Joe Biden is running for president. U.S. Sen. Bob Casey has endorsed him |...

Good Thursday Morning, Fellow Seekers.BREAKING: As we went to press this morning, former Veep Joe Biden, who has roots in Scranton, finally announced his 2020 White House bid.From The Washington Post:"Former vice president Joe Biden opened his third...

This important state policy change on sexual assault care is long overdue | Opinion

Hospitals need to have trained sexual assault examiners available at all times.

Pa. Rep. Joyce helped elevate false claims migrants in Arizona were carrying tuberculosis. Republicans...

Joyce's statements are an unfortunate reminder that Republicans have turned undocumented immigrants into a faceless other to be feared.

Incompetent? Definitely. Corrupt? Most probably. Which is Trump’s worst trait? | Opinion

Trump’s racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and other disreputable traits have led us to disregard his abject lack of smarts and good judgment.