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Five takeaways from Pennsylvania’s newest revenue report

Why Trump’s Pa. trip was really about the president’s favorite topic: Himself | Tuesday...

The president returned to Pennsylvania for a rally. Republican 12th CD hopeful Fred Keller was also there.

Student debt is delaying progress for an entire generation | Opinion

Pennsylvania is still funding public higher education like it’s 1999 instead of almost 2020. That drives up costs - and students pay for it.

Another failing grade for Pa.: It’s past time to reform the Legislature | Opinion

Through informed, persistent civic engagement we can end our legislature's cycle of failure and ensure policies that allow our commonwealth and communities to thrive.

Ahead of congressional special, Trump rallies Pennsylvania base, pummels Biden on trade deals

The official reason for Trump's visit to Williamsport Regional Airport was to plug the candidacy of Republican state Rep. Fred Keller.

Gov. Wolf backs proposal to spend public dollars for 2020 census outreach

"A dollar per person will really help us take that first step forward and make sure we have an accurate census," a commission member said.

State rep. responds to online outrage over bill that allows underage, uncompensated musicians to...

The measure's sponsor says payment is a completely separate issue, and the complaints are driven by people who haven't read the bill.

We need to make sure every registered voter can vote. Here’s how to make...

Next year, 2020, will be a monumental year for political participation, and we hope to bring as many young people into the fold as we can.

With Trump headed for Pa., Toomey says China tariffs are ‘absolutely painful’ but ‘could...

Worried about a key state, Pennsylvanians will be seeing a lot of Trump in 2020.