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Senate panel unanimously passes ban on police chokeholds

If it becomes law, it will ban police officers in Pennsylvania from using any physical maneuvers that restrict someone’s ability to breathe while they’re being incapacitated. 

Mr. Speaker: Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler takes the gavel

Cutler will take over the lower chamber in the middle of turbulent political times. The state is still slowly reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic and faces a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall that still must be filled.

House Repubs set to hold leadership elections today. Who will move up? | Monday...

The Speaker recognizes the gentleman from ... wherever ...

John Bolton refused to help when it mattered most. But there is an upside...

Oh, so now he tells us.John Bolton is telling us damning stuff about Trump that we already knew – and he’s doing it five months too late. Timing is everything in life and politics,...

Mail-in ballots and the Pa. Primary | The Numbers Racket

Curious what the demographics of those requests for mail-in ballots looks like across the state? 

To avoid a crisis on Election Day, Pa. needs to count its mail-in ballots...

Mail-in voting is here to stay. People like the convenience and freedom of being able to vote when they want not when someone else wants them to vote.

The Pa. GOP masterplan, revealed | Editorial Cartoon

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, filed impeachment articles against Gov. Tom Wolf for his management of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is unlikely to gain a vote.

12 more Pa. counties, including Philly, set to enter green phase on June 26,...

While Philadelphia is set to go green, the local officials in the state's largest city will maintain additional restrictions until July 3.

Community leaders talk race, Columbus statue in South Philly

The discussion went beyond the Columbus statue controversy to address issues of criminal justice reform, disparities in education, housing and poverty.

The Capitol reopens Monday, and visitors must wear masks. Will House lawmakers?

The masking requirement is the first to cover lawmakers. It was included in new rules approved by a bipartisan committee of House Republican and Democratic leadership last week.