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Report: Pa. has 2nd highest number of people in U.S. serving life without parole...

Black Pennsylvanians are 21 times more likely to be sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder than white people, research found.

How rising rents and renovations have displaced Pittsburghers and added to the city’s ongoing...

As Pittsburgh draws more jobs in the tech and health care fields, it becomes a more desirable city for real estate investment wishing to profit off of neighborhoods’ increased area median incomes.

Pitt’s Nordenberg to lead Pa. legislative redistricting commission

Mark Nordenberg, a 72-year-old resident of Allegheny County, will chair the Legislative Reapportionment Commission, a five member group that will redraw all 253 Pennsylvania General Assembly districts this year.

DOS: More than 741k Pa. voters have asked for mail-in ballots

According to the Department of State, 698,280 registered Pennsylvania voters have applied for a mail-in ballot and 43,602 voters have applied for an absentee ballot for a total of 741,882 ballot applications.

After advertising error, Pa. Legislature moves to bring amendment process in-house

Pennsylvania voters historically have approved constitutional amendments when they're put before them.

Study: States’ personal income hit 20-year high in 2020 | Monday Morning Coffee

But without government support, most states would have sustained declines in personal income, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Pa. lawmakers just can’t resist comparing things to the Holocaust & Nazis. It’s time...

The Holocaust is not a rhetorical device to be manipulated and deployed against one’s political opponents, and to use it as such is contemptible.

This is Amy Coney Barrett’s supreme conflict of interest | Dick Polman

It’s hard these days to keep track of all the decrepitude in public life, so forgive me if I highlight some new sleaze that has likely escaped your notice.

Pa. Black Caucus pushes for universal collection of racial data from traffic stops

Black lawmakers could hold the deciding votes on two long-sought changes to state driving laws, giving them the rare leverage to ask that an expansion of police oversight be accompanied by protections for Black drivers.

New report finds lead in majority of Allegheny Co. water systems, offers strategies to...

By Kimberly Rooney PITTSBURGH -- With many outdated water systems located throughout the country, many with varying levels of transparency, it's often difficult to know exactly what’s in the water that flows out of our...