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The Pa. Supreme Court ruled on critical election questions Thursday. Here’s what you need...

The rulings resolve key questions of how Pennsylvania's 67 counties will administer the Nov. 3 presidential election that’s just six weeks away,

Human Rights Campaign beefs up outreach to Pa.’s LGBTQ voters

The civil rights organization has directors in several states mobilizing the LGBTQ vote, including Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin.

Pgh cop under investigation for misconduct is one the city’s highest-paid employees

Officer Paul Abel Jr. made $156,106 in total compensation last year, records showed. That's more than Mayor Bill Peduto's salary.

EXCLUSIVE: In new ad, Biden makes pitch to Pa.’s Trump Country voters | Thursday...

What do politics and football have in common? Both are full-contact and progress is measured in inches.

The Legislature’s silence on a minimum wage hike when so many are in need...

The Pa. House Labor & Industry Committee must hold a vote on a bill allowing municipalities to set their minimum wages above the state level.

We’re Pa. veterans: U.S. Rep. Scott Perry puts loyalty to Trump ahead of service...

Perry has made clear that when faced with the choice between duty and political self-interest, he will pick himself every time.

Pa. reports $311M in gaming, fantasy sports revenue in August, state regulators say

The total tax revenue from those sources was $128.8 million in August, the gaming board said in its statement.

Following Senate COVID cases, Pa. Capitol tours suspended, top leader says

Pa. Capitol complex tours are currently suspended while guides and security guards quarantine due to potential COVID-19 exposure.

In Philly, Black clergy warn voters of color will face challenges casting their ballots...

“It is very clear that there is an attempt to suppress the vote,” state Sen. Sharif Street, D-Philadelphia, said, adding that it will particularly impact communities of color.

Poll: Pa., 2020 battleground voters say Trump’s immigration policies firing a ‘No’ vote |...

More than four in 10 voters say President Donald Trump's stand on immigration is giving them a reason to vote against him.