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Philly Mayor Jim Kenney threatens to kill tax abatement bill

The current City Council bill has enough support to override a veto and make it law, but it doesn't have enough time.

Philly City Council committee tables bill to subsidize lead remediation costs for landlords

The delay won the blessing of the proposal’s main sponsor, at-large Councilman David Oh, a Republican.

These are the most — and least — charitable states in the USA. How’d...

You're a generous lot, Pennsylvania. Be proud of it.

Johnson-Harrell case trips up Dems in the 190th District — again

Wednesday during a press conference where Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced that Johnson-Harrell, winner of a March special election, would give up her seat in the state House and plead guilty to stealing more than $500,000 from her nonprofit. Expected to resign at any time, Johnson-Harrell’s fall comes on the heels of the 2018 resignation of Lowery Brown, who was convicted on bribery charges in October 2018.

Abuse of power, bribery, obstruction: Democrats’ impeachment plan takes shape

The hearing comes after the House Intelligence Committee approved a report Tuesday night that details allegations that Trump abused his power by pressuring Ukraine’s president to investigate Trump’s political rival.

Fraud, transparency and sexual harassment under review as AG DePasquale announces Revenue Dept./Pa. Lottery...

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced plans to audit the Department of Revenue and the Lottery.

Tax-abatement reforms on track for final Philly Council vote by year’s end

The proposal would reduce the overall tax break by nearly half and generate an estimated $270 million in city revenue over a decade.

Report: Most states have the reserves to handle a recession. Pa. is not one...

The report by Moody Analytics paints a pretty bleak picture about the state of Pa's cash reserves, which officials have been slowly rebuilding.

Calif. Supreme Court right to strike down law requiring Trump to release tax returns...

What was great about the decision was that, despite our highly partisan environment, it was rendered by a court on which a majority of the justices had been appointed by Democratic governors.

The impeachment evidence is plain as day. When will Republicans stop defending the indefensible?...

The GOP has disgraced itself pathetic grandstanding, exhibition of obfuscation and amateurish, pseudo-advocacy for a dishonest White House.