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Sen. Pam Iovino, D-37, with her brother shortly after being sworn in to Pennsylvania's state Senate.

Democrat Pam Iovino takes the oath of office, is one of 13 women serving...

Democrat Pam Iovino swore the oath office to the Pennsylvania state Senate Monday afternoon, almost one month after winning a special election to represent a suburban Pittsburgh district.On April 3, Iovino, a Navy veteran...

‘We can’t afford to wait,’ Wolf, lawmakers say as Pa. rolls out its plan...

On Monday, Pennsylvania joined with 24 other states, with Republican and Democratic governors, to fight climate change
Special election candidates Sam Doctor and Marci Mustello. (Courtesy campaign Facebook pages)

Union-driven campaigns have helped Pa. Democrats flip red seats. Could it notch them one...

Union-backed Democrat Sam Doctor is taking on Republican Marci Mustello in the May 21 special election.

On impeachment: Will Democrats put country over party? | Dick Polman

It's pretty clear we can't count on Republicans to do the right thing. Democrats need to step up.

California Synagogue Shooting: Pa. officials react to violence at Congregation Chabad in Poway

The shooting came six months to the day of the mass shooting at Tree of Life in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Here’s how we can protect Pennsylvania’s at-risk children | Opinion

By Joseph Petrarca In 2017, state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale issued a special “State of the Child” report, which provided detailed information about our state’s child-welfare system. Among its recommendations was to provide children and youth caseworkers...

This is the Democrats’ Joe Biden Problem | Terry Madonna and Mike Young

Not every Democrat is happy about the former Veep jumping into the 2020 primary race. But he could be their best shot at beating Donald Trump.

So about that fallout from the nukes bill | Editorial Cartoon

You'll find the mushroom cloud of anger over the ratepayers heads.

This one thing kept Erie from losing even more of its population last year...

Spoiler Alert: Taco trucks have something to do with it.