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Impeachment witnesses George Kent and Bill Taylor are exactly the heroes we need right...

In their even tones and reassuringly professional manner, there was the hope our public institutions, will yet survive this aberration of a president.

Daryl Metcalfe responded to DePasquale’s climate change report in the most Daryl Metcalfe way...

The Democrat was engaging in 'Chicken Little pandering for higher political ambitions,' Metcalfe charged.

3 misperceptions about the State Department sure to surface this week | Opinion

A former State Department official says he's troubled by the politicization of the agency's mission as impeachment hearings unfold.

McCaffery, King win seats on Pa. Superior Court as Democrat Green-Hawkins concedes

Democratic Superior Court candidate Amanda Green-Hawkins officially conceded Wednesday, eight days after an election whose result led to a split decision to fill two judgeships on the busy appellate panel. Green-Hawkins, a former United Steelworkers...

Riding Virginia’s blue wave, Congress renews push for Equal Rights Amendment 

A similar resolution has been introduced in the GOP-controlled U.S. Senate, it's unclear whether it will get any traction.

How Pa’s members of Congress reacted to the first day of impeachment hearings

Here's what Pa.'s Capitol Hill delegation had to say. This list will be updated as more public comment becomes available

‘Right to Repair’ has hit Pa. Here’s why it could be the next, big...

Through March, about 20 states had considered similar measures, according to published reports.

Is DACA doomed? Skeptical U.S. Supreme Court conservatives seem to side with Trump

The high court's conservatives, which now include two Trump appointees, seemed to endorse the legality of the administration’s decision to end the program.

Veteran Auditor General’s Office employee launches Democratic bid to succeed DePasquale

Tracie Fountain worked in the office for 29 years before she resigned in September to seek the Democratic nomination for the position.

Report: In Pa. and ‘Blue Wall’ states, healthcare, the economy dominate | Tuesday Morning...

Here's one of the clearest pictures yet of voters in the states that decided the White House in 2016.