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As Trump stonewalls the Constitution, Democrats say ‘Bring it on’ | Dick Polman

it's game on. As the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson penned, "Things are in the saddle/ And ride mankind." And for once, the Democrats are snapping the reins.

Voters often parrot the party line, even when polls suggest otherwise | Analysis

Pollsters build their surveys around the idea that voters begin with firm beliefs. In reality, they tend to parrot the party line.

Cheyney University approved a budget – but how much does it really say about...

Cheyney officials expect to spend about $29.1 million in 2019-20 — down about 11.8 percent from last year’s estimates, part of an ongoing decline.

How Philly City Council aims to make unexpected hospital closures like Hahnemann a thing...

The proposal would protect Philadelphia from being left in the dark about the future of healthcare facilities, its sponsor, Helen Gym, said

Philadelphia to publicly disclose city payouts for lawsuits, settlements

It soon will be easier to track city payouts for lawsuits. Mayor Jim Kenney is on board with the legislation, a spokesman said

Pennsylvanians have been central to every presidential impeachment effort

Pennsylvanians may have largely been shut out of the White House. But they've always had a big say over the fate of its occupant.

5 myths about impeachment — debunked | Terry Madonna and Michael L. Young

You'll be hearing a lot about impeachment. Know one thing: An Informed citizenry makes the best decision. And that is no myth.

What Pennsylvanians can expect if their state lawmaker unexpectedly resigns

The average citizen won't notice the change, according to one expert.

Dreamers ‘contribute immeasurably:’ Bucknell, Swarthmore, other Pa. schools fight DACA repeal | Thursday...

Dreamers 'contribute immeasurably to our campuses,' schools argue in Friend of the Court brief